3 Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management

International Business Management has come out of the shadows to become an important factor in determining how a company performs and thrives in this global market.

Business management incorporates exciting components in day to day work-life. Knowledge of business management as well as business administration will allow you to lead an entire business, or a part of its operations with success.

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You will be required to navigate diplomatic complexities, negotiate challenging deals and formulate effective strategies. But first, let’s understand what business management is in today’s world.

What is business management?

Business management is the art of running a business organisation efficiently and profitably. It encompasses all management and administrative tasks such as preparing a budget, planning new initiatives and analysing their results. Effective business management can help a company stand out in a saturated business market.[SH1] 

Business management is a vast field and encompasses lots of components like policy-making, financial and HR management. Pursuing a degree in this area will help you grasp all these important components.

How will you benefit from studying a Business Management degree?

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and can bring challenges and problems. Handling a business can be difficult if you intend to adopt generic or one-size-fits-all solutions. A Business Management degree will introduce you to the complexities of running a company, irrespective of its size or industry.

A Business Management programme is great if you’re analytical and want a fast-paced career. The degree will also be a great stepping stone for senior management positions in your career.

If you’re interested in this course and wish to  work in a variety of dynamic and forward-thinking corporate environments, the BSc International Business Management programme from GISMA Business School in Germany is perfect.

You’ll also be offered the chance of an extra foundation year to help you fulfil the requirements of a full-time programme. The course also provides you with a great foundation in business management areas to help you succeed. Click here for an overview of the programme at GISMA.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from pursuing this degree.

  • Take advantage of market demand

A tremendous rate of growth and development in financial fields and economies across the world has led to a surge in the number of businesses. There’s a global demand for corporate managers who can help companies grow and expand internationally.

Take Germany, for example. According to the the German Trade and Investment Board, there are 3.47 million businesses in the country with a collective turnover of more than €6.3 trillion. Glassdoor.com also suggests that a business management career is one of the most trendiest jobs this year in Germany. A Bachelor of Business Management programme can help you take advantage of this market boom and carve a successful career for yourself.

  • Increase your earning potential

The business industry is one of the most affluent professional fields and has lots of well-paying jobs. Payscale.com reports that the average salary for a business management graduate in Germany is €68,767, and this figure can go up with more years of experience or further qualifications. Business management courses can help you bag a high-paying role with your dream company.

  • Get transferable skills

With the amount of interconnectivity and interdependence among different fields, job descriptions aren’t the same anymore and business management graduates are doing everything from financial planning to starting their own enterprises.

A good Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management can help you gain universal skills like leadership and effective communication which will help you ace your career in any field you enter. These transferable skills can also help you explore the versatile careers available with an International Business Management degree in different industries.

How to select the right Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management

To select a degree in International Business Management, you must analyse your own expectations of the course and professional goals for the future. While evaluating a programme, ask specific questions that can help you choose: Does the school offer practical experience? How experienced is the faculty? Are placements offered?

If you choose to study the BSc International Business Management at GISMA Business School you will acquire a range of competencies; intercultural, digital, and general business competencies. This includes global supply chain management, international marketing, ethics, leadership, and finance. Combining lectures with international experience and practical work projects with leading companies such as Amazon, this programme will equip you with the skills and networks you need to build an international business career.

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 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari.

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