double degree: MSc International Business Management

Earn double master's degrees in Berlin from Gisma University of Applied Sciences and Kingston University and in just 2 years. Launch your global business career with this specialised programme.



2 Years

July, Oct 2024

€ from 10,750 per year

MSc International Business Management Double Degree Programme: Unlock Global Excellence

Unlock unprecedented opportunities with a double degree master’s in Berlin, Germany from the esteemed Kingston University London and Gisma University of Applied Sciences.

Double Degree Powerhouse: MSc International Business Management

In today’s globalised world, education that spans across borders offers an unparalleled advantage. Introducing the Master’s in International Business Management—a meticulously crafted double degree master’s programme. Designed for ambitious learners seeking global excellence, this collaboration between Kingston University London and Gisma University of Applied Sciences promises a transformative educational journey. Dive deep into the realm of international business management, equipped with the best of both universities, and prepare yourself for a career that shines on any global stage.

What Sets This Double Degree Master’s Programme Apart?

Awarded by Kingston University London, this two-year programme is a game-changer in the competitive business world. Experience world-class learning in Berlin, as you immerse yourself in our expansive campus, brimming with resources. From unparalleled academic expertise and state-of-the-art tech solutions to unmatched networking events, we’ve got it all. And the cherry on top? Your tuition fees cover your semester ticket, ensuring you remain connected to within the bustling German capital city.

Diversify Your Expertise

Exclusive to our partnership, the International Business Management Master’s degree is available only as a double degree, paired with one of these six full degree specialisations from Gisma:

MSc Business Management & Cybersecurity
MSc Business Management & Finance
MSc Business Management & Project Management
MSc Business Management & Human Resources
MSc Business Management & Marketing
MSc Data Science, AI and Digital Business

Unsure which option is best for you? Speak to one of our Programme Advisors to find your perfect fit.

Why a Double Degree?

Global Edge: Two degrees from globally-renowned institutions amplify your employability, presenting you as a versatile candidate.

Internship Experience: Enrich your professional acumen with real-world exposure, paving the way for better employment prospects post-graduation.

Wider Recognition: A combined credential from two countries boosts your appeal to employers worldwide.

Recognition & Accolades

Kingston University London has earned a Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), highlighting their commitment to outstanding teaching quality. Similarly, Gisma University of Applied Sciences, a state-recognised institution in Germany, stands out for its strong focus on business management and data science, underpinned by rigorous FIBAA accreditation.

Gisma University of Applied Sciences stands out as the sole institution in Germany to offer double degrees in collaboration with another university. This exclusivity significantly enhances the prestige and distinctiveness of the opportunity, setting it apart as a uniquely advantageous educational choice.

Learn from the very best in the field

You can be confident that you will be learning from some of the most accomplished and industry-respected professionals. Our professors at GISMA Business School are experts in their respective fields, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. They have come from and worked with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies, including Amazon, United Nations, Harvard, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, KPMG, Boston Consulting Group, IBM, and Allianz.

Study in Germany

With a thriving economy, and exceptionally high quality of life score, Germany remains the number 1 choice for International Students in Europe. As a country built on manufacturing, Germany is now expanding its horizons and becoming just as well knows for finance, tech, and innovation – bringing with it a talent pool and exceptional employers. A world-leading healthcare system and strong commitment from German residents are part of the many reasons why Germany was affected by and has recovered from the coronavirus pandemic quicker than many other countries. Borders are now starting to reopen, and life is returning to normal in Germany. International students are warmly welcomed in Germany, not only due to English being a widely spoken language and diverse population, but because of the popular 18-month post study visa available for non-EU students.

Berlin: Your Learning Playground

Strategically positioned at the nexus of Mitte and Kreuzberg districts, our Berlin campus is a blend of rich history and contemporary dynamism. Whether it’s the world-class museums, art hubs, the infamous nightlife, or the bustling business sector, Berlin promises a holistic cultural immersion.

More about Berlin

Top Tier Education

Double your reach

Unlock exclusive access to both Kingston University and Gisma’s alumni networks, giving you a distinct edge in your career

TEF Gold Ranking

Kingston University has a Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), demonstrating exceptional teaching quality

Post-Study Work Visa

Through Gisma international students you can extend their stay in Germany after graduation: 18-month post-study visa lets you launch your European career

Top-Class Partners

Enhance your learning experience with Gisma’s esteemed membership with tech giant SAP with access to cutting-edge technologies, resources and opportunities

Programme structure

This intensive two-year programme (120 ECTS) awards master’s double degrees from both Kingston University London and Gisma. It promises a robust foundation in business management, complemented by deep domain expertise. The curriculum, a fusion of both universities’ strengths, ensures you step out, career-ready.

Empowering Your Academic Journey: Modules and Beyond

  • Integral to Kingston’s MSc International Business Management degree, as a double degree student, you’ll delve into:
  • Fundamentals of Business Management
  • International Business Environment and Trade
  • International Business Strategy with Simulation
  • Consultancy in Practice
  • Internship
  • Thesis

Depending on your chosen pathway from Gisma University of Applied Sciences, you’ll also tackle the following modules:

MSc Business Management and Cybersecurity:

  • Cryptology
  • Cybersecurity and Digital Risk Management
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Data Management & Protection
  • Business Project in Cybersecurity

MSc Business Management and Finance:

  • Finance & Risk Management
  • M&A and Structuring the Firm
  • Fintech, Blockchain and Crypto Assets
  • ESG and ESG Reporting
  • Asset Management and Derivatives

MSc Business Management and Project Management:

  • Project Costing and Control
  • Project Communication and Stakeholder Management
  • Corporate Governance and Risk Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Management of IT Projects

MSc Business Management and Human Resources:

  • HR Management and Organisation Design
  • Employment Law
  • Cognitive Psychology & Leadership
  • HR Analytics
  • Management of People in Cross-Cultural Environments

MSc Business Management and Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing & Analytics
  • Pricing Policy
  • International Marketing
  • Brand Management and Product Development
  • Customer Experience Design

MSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business:

  • AI And Applications
  • Methods of Prediction
  • Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Visualisation and Communication

A Glimpse into Our Pedagogy

Housed in Berlin, our unique ‘carousel model’ promises dynamic learning experiences, punctuated by workshops, group collaborations, and ever-changing cohorts. Our innovative Hybrid-flexible (Hyflex) teaching system ensures that students enjoy a seamless classroom experience.

Your Future Career

Your journey to success starts here. With a diverse student and alumni community from all corners of the world, you’ll benefit from invaluable international business exposure. These programmes equip you with the financial prowess needed for diverse roles, evidenced by our alumni excelling in firms like N26, Deloitte, and PayPal. Beyond just securing a job, our graduates often see impressive salary growth, with many even launching their own business ventures.

Data suggests our alumni can command salaries exceeding €55,000 shortly after graduation. Gisma’s Career Centre is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, from clarifying career goals to devising job search strategies. Engage in events, company visits, and networking sessions, utilising these opportunities to widen your professional network.

As a double degree student at Gisma and Kingston University London, you have a distinct edge – access to two broad alumni networks, offering deeper insights, seasoned advice, and a wider array of job opportunities across sectors.

For students outside the EU, there’s an added perk! Avail of the post-study 18-month visa in Germany, allowing you to immerse yourself in the nation’s culture, and potentially transition to a work visa. The fact that three out of every five 2022 graduates secured employment before their graduation is a testament to Gisma’s top-tier education and the potential the post-study visa presents.

Holistic Support for International Students:

At Gisma, we celebrate a global student community. Recognising the unique challenges international students can face, we’re on hand to assist with visa arrangements, accommodation, and the myriad administrative tasks linked with living in Germany. With a rich mosaic of over 90 nationalities, and a diverse faculty and support team, Gisma offers a warm, welcoming academic environment.

For those unfamiliar with the German language, we’ve got your back. Benefit from complimentary A1.1 German language classes to facilitate your cultural and linguistic assimilation.  

Landing Jobs, Not Just Degrees

At Gisma University of Applied Sciences, we empower our students to launch successful careers. We go beyond education, providing the skills and experience they need to thrive in the professional world. Our graduates are job-ready and make a lasting impact, with many landing positions at top companies.

2022 Gisma Alumni Survey


of our students found employment six months after graduation


of our Gisma students secure a job before graduation


of graduates hold managerial positions in leading organisations


of our graduates enjoy a salary ranging from €55k to €60k

Fees and Entry Reqs

Fees and funding


 € 12,750/Year​


 € 10,750/Year​

Please contact a programme advisor for more details on how to apply.

Financing Your Studies:

BAföG Grants and Loans:

A significant number of international students in Germany might qualify for the BAföG (Federal Education and Training Assistance Act) funding scheme, subject to meeting specific criteria.

Foreign students, foreseeing an extended stay in Germany and demonstrating good social integration, might be deemed suitable for this funding. For a more thorough understanding and to determine your eligibility, please consult the provided link. The information can be translated into English for ease of understanding.

Entry Requirements:

Language Proficiency: International students are required to achieve an IELTS score of 6.5 or its equivalent, ensuring no component falls below 6.0.

Academic Qualifications:

  • A strong honours degree or its equivalent from a recognised institution.
  • A compelling personal statement that showcases:
  • A pronounced interest in business.
  • The ambition to explore beyond the confines of their initial degree discipline.
  • An aptitude for working within a multidisciplinary environment

For those who might not meet the aforementioned academic criteria, consideration will be based on individual merit. Additionally, those not meeting the set academic or language standards might still be eligible for entry upon successful completion of the Gisma Premasters award.