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We bridge the gap between academics and industry, equipping you with the skills and connections to thrive.

Launch Your Career

Gisma University of Applied Sciences understands that a successful career journey starts with the right guidance and support. The Gisma Career Centre is your dedicated resource, designed to empower you to achieve your professional aspirations. Through a combination of personalised career coaching, industry partnerships, and targeted skill development workshops, we equip you with the tools and connections necessary to navigate the competitive job market with confidence.

Proudly, our alumni hold positions at over 20 global top companies, including giants like Tesla, Amazon, and Bosch. Here at the Career Centre, we’re dedicated to replicating that success for every student.

From Classroom to Career: How the Career Centre Empowers You to Achieve Your Career Aspirations

Connect with Industry Leaders & Land Your Dream Job

Gisma bridges the gap between academics and the professional world. We cultivate partnerships with leading companies, giving you access to on-campus presentations, company visits, exclusive networking events, and even collaborative consulting projects. Don’t miss the Gisma Careers Day – a premier event connecting you with top employers for internships, placements, and full-time positions.

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Hone Your Skills & Become an In-Demand Candidate

A Gisma degree is impressive, but success requires more. We equip you with the essential skills to stand out: interactive workshops sharpen your resume writing, interview skills, and professional communication. Master teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking through engaging seminars and mock interviews with personalised feedback.

Hear from Industry Leaders & Shape Your Future

Gisma fosters inspiration. We host panel discussions featuring leading business figures and thought leaders from diverse industries. Gain insights from successful professionals in various sectors, including women in leadership, entrepreneurs, and NGO representatives. Participate in interactive Q&A sessions and engage with industry experts.

Unlock Exclusive Job Opportunities:

The Gisma Career Centre empowers you with exclusive access to JobTeaser, a leading online recruitment platform tailored to English-speaking companies. Discover a wide range of internship, graduate, and full-time positions specifically targeted towards Gisma graduates. Stand out from the competition and gain a head start in your job search with JobTeaser.

Events That Propel You to Success

Gisma Career Centre Events provide the launchpad you need to take flight. Through exclusive industry connections, skill-building workshops, and thought-provoking talks, we equip you with the tools and network to navigate the job market with confidence and land your dream role.

Skills Sprint Week

Gisma’s quarterly Skills Sprint Week (SSW) is a dynamic programme offering students a week-long immersion into activities that bridge theory and real-world application. Through engaging sessions, industry exposure, and diverse activities, SSW equips students with the practical skills and industry knowledge needed to thrive in today’s evolving business landscape. This intensive program fosters not only critical thinking, communication, and teamwork, but also a strong sense of community, preparing students to confidently navigate their careers.

GGG Career Fair

Join forces! Gisma co-hosts the GGG Careers Fair with other institutions part of the GGG group. The largest-ever career fair brought together over 750 students and alumni from three institutions with 34+ companies across various industries. This gave students an fantastic opportunity to network with potential employers, explore career paths, and gain industry insights. An excellent chance to make a lasting impression on recruiters and build valuable networks for your future career.

Job Ready Graduates

Landing Jobs, Not Just Degrees

  • Job Ready

    Students who find employment less than a year after graduation.

  • Career Launchpad

    Students who secure a job before graduation.

  • Starting Strong

    Our recent graduates enjoy a salary ranging from €55k to €60k

  • Leaders From The Start

    Alumni who hold managerial positions in leading organisations after graduation.

  • Global Elite

    Alumni who are proudly placed in 20 global top companies including Tesla, Amazon, and Bosch.

Creating Impact: Student’s take on the Career Centre

"I love the Career Centre events because they give you a chance to learn new skills like writing cover letters, how to update your LinkedIn profile and how to improve in job interviews."

"The Career Centre events are really good; they focus on getting you in touch with professionals and the working environment. I think I have all the tools to access the working world."

"The Career Centre always has something planned every month that gives useful information especially for those searching for a job in Germany."


Connecting Companies and Students: Your Gateway to Career Success

Pursue your purpose with Gisma. JobTeaser unlocks exclusive connections to top companies, propelling your career journey from campus to dream job. Empower your potential. Land your dream role.

Cultivating Careers: Career Centre’s Esteemed Partners