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Here at GISMA, we are 100 per cent committed to providing high-quality business education to those looking to further their career in various industry sectors.

Successfully combining theory with practice, GISMA fills the gap between conventional university study and the shifting requirements of today’s global marketplace. GISMA’s graduates have aspired to such sectors as: banking, financial services, engineering, mechanical engineering, oil and gas, information technology, consulting, and business services.


The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is the international impartial authority on postgraduate business education, namely MBAs (Master of Business Administration), DBAs (Doctorate of Business Administration) and MBMs (Masters in Business and Management). Established in 1967, they currently accredit programmes at over 200 business schools in more than 70 different countries. The MBA programmes delivered at and by GISMA have been AMBA-accredited since 2011.


Our professors are highly devoted professionals, always willing to engage in academic discussion, even outside of the classroom. Our faculty have many years of experience, both academic and industry related, and each faculty member is an expert in their respective field, many with PhDs.

Career Support

We ensure that our students engage in as much hands-on experience as possible, and where better to do that than the dynamic cities of Hannover, or Berlin? With external visits to companies, and Careers Centre support available to both GISMA's students and graduates, we understand how important it is for our students to understand how the working world operates. 


Moreover, international graduates of degree programmes in Germany are allowed to stay in the country for 18 months to search for employment or pursue invaluable work experience opportunities.



GISMA's campuses are located in the heart of Hannover and Berlin, Germany. Rich in culture and history, with plenty of business opportunities, Hannover and Berlin are great places to study your master's degree or an executive business programme. With many companies around to provide the chance of work experience, there’s also a wealth of sights and amenities to keep you entertained at weekends.

International Appeal

Although GISMA is located in Germany, courses are taught in English – the world’s foremost language when it comes to business. International MBA students can take the opportunity to attend German language classes as part of their course at no extra cost. Having the necessary language skills will enable them to pursue job opportunities in Germany or elsewhere in Europe. Our alumni come from as many as 60 different countries, and our students are taught by professors from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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