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Study in Potsdam

Potsdam is known for technological innovation, economic growth, a unique culture, and a high standard of living.

Potsdam, a hub of technological innovation and economic growth, offers an unparalleled quality of living and a rich cultural tapestry. As the rapidly expanding capital of Brandenburg, Potsdam is celebrated for its vibrant economy and a plethora of leisure opportunities.

The city is a stone’s throw away from Berlin, Germany’s dynamic capital, allowing students to enjoy the best of both worlds. With Berlin just a 20-minute train ride from Potsdam central station, and the international BER airport about 40 minutes by car, students living in Berlin can easily access the academic excellence of Gisma’s Potsdam campus.

Potsdam’s economic landscape is diverse, featuring sectors such as Software & IT, Film & Media, Life Science, and Healthcare. The presence of global giants like Tesla and SAP in the vicinity adds to the city’s innovative aura, combining academic brilliance with a spirit of entrepreneurship.

A UNESCO World Heritage city, Potsdam is a tourism gem with historic town quarters, gardens, castles, and vibrant music and theatre festivals. The scenic landscapes of forests, lakes, and castles offer serene study breaks for students.

The surrounding region of Brandenburg, with over 3,000 lakes and 33,000 km of waterways, provides endless opportunities for day trips and exploration. Its medieval towns, specialist museums, and industrial culture sites are easily accessible for a quick getaway.

Germany, known for its robust economy and high quality of life, continues to be the top choice for international students in Europe. With a shift towards sectors like finance, tech, and innovation, Germany’s demand for highly qualified professionals is soaring. International students are particularly welcomed, with an 18-month post-study visa available for non-EU graduates.

Berlin: A Thriving Metropolis on Your Doorstep

Berlin, a city pulsating with life and a melting pot of cultures, stands as one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals. It’s renowned for its eclectic mix of modernity and history, bustling artistic scenes, and groundbreaking music and fashion. Students in the Berlin area are immersed in a world of endless possibilities, from exploring the legendary nightlife and diverse culinary delights to engaging with cutting-edge startups and cultural events. This city is not just a place to live; it’s an experience, offering a rich tapestry of activities and opportunities that cater to every interest and passion. Living in the Berlin area means being at the heart of action, innovation, and an ever-evolving cultural landscape that continuously shapes and inspires the minds of its inhabitants.

Discover Gisma’s New Campus in Potsdam

Our new flagship location at Gisma Potsdam Campus, part of SAP’s Think Campus, is a testament to innovation and creativity. This smart building is perfectly designed to foster learning and teaching in an environment of progress.

Explore Potsdam and Berlin-Brandenburg

As a student in this region, you join over 3.9 million residents, including more than 200,000 students, 15% of whom are international. The Berlin-Brandenburg area, a fusion of historical richness and modern dynamism, awaits your exploration.