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Corporate Relations

We offer access to the future leaders of tomorrow to support your ongoing needs for top talent and training specialists to enter the labour market.

As a signature business school dedicated to delivering excellence in education, Gisma is 100% committed to working closely with the corporate world to promote business prosperity. We offer several options and services to our partners, and we look forward to working with you!

We strongly believe in the positive power of change as a motor for continuous improvement and innovation

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Abu-Alkheil

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Abu-Alkheil
Head of Consultancy and Training Centre

+49 (0) 511 546 0954

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Bharat Vaswani
Director of Strategic Partnerships

  • "No one can predict the future, but we can carry out according to research and investigation to frame the direction of it. We expect high-class and relevant findings from the Gisma students that will help us to shape the future of the company and the business."

    Mustafa Azim,
    CEO of smartvie

  • “I highly recommend the Gisma seminar ‘Winning Negotiation Strategies’. Thanks to numerous case studies, there was great practical relevance. Stephen did an excellent job, involved the participants actively in the case studies, and gave individual tips on negotiation strategies. I received many new and promising impulses, from which I will benefit in my daily work in real estate investment banking. In addition, I was able to make valuable new business contacts.”

    Moafak Kata,
    Senior Director,
    Deutsche Hypothekenbank (Actien-Gesellschaft)