Tips to secure a data science job at a FAANG company

A recent LinkedIn research report shared that data science is the fastest growing professional domain in this decade.

Indeed, the hype surrounding data scientists and their contributions to the tech industry has gone up several notches in the last few years.


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Furthermore, an article published in found that tech professionals with data science training saw a 37% increase in hiring’s compared to those without any data science expertise. This was true for start-ups, mid-sized businesses as well as FAANG companies.

What  does FAANG stand for?

FAANG is an acronym dubbed by stock brokers. It is made up of the initials of five of the most famous tech companies that have high stock prices. These companies include Facebook (now known as Meta), Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.

Why should you aim for a career with a FAANG company?

The acronym is extremely popular in the data science job market because these organisations are renowned for providing their data scientists with the best of everything—best-in-the-industry salary packages, company stocks, great perks and excellent professional growth opportunities.

It is not a surprise that most aspiring data scientists want to secure an interview with these top-notch companies.

Here are some added advantages of aiming for a data science career in these companies.

  • FAANG companies have immense brand value in the market, which can enhance your resume.
  • The scope of developing machine learning or data science applications from scratch is huge in these companies as they have so much data.
  • FAANG companies pour millions of dollars into R&D and game-changing tools. Securing a data science role with one of these companies can provide you with  top-notch industry exposure.
  • If you are excited by research and development work, there would be plenty of projects for you to explore in these companies.
  • You get to work with the crème-de-la-crème of the data science industry at these companies, thereby improving your own standards and skills exponentially.
  • Data scientists from FAANG go on to be involved in diverse projects after their stints in these companies. Thus, you would get immense networking potential.
  • The work culture at FAANG companies is more than often far more positive and employee-friendly than other industry players.
  • The data science processes and systems at these companies are more streamlined and less bogged down by bureaucratic systems. Hence, you get a greater deal of flexibility with your data science projects.

You can read more about how you can become a data scientist by clicking  here.

How is FAANG leveraging data science in business to grow its revenue and brand presence across the globe?

Data science is a vast discipline that involves a variety of activities that can be as exciting as building machine learning apps from scratch or as rewarding as fixing bad data.

The kind of data science operations in a company is often dependent on the funds and budgets available and the capabilities of the data scientists there.

FAANG companies usually have deep pockets when it comes to their data science projects because these help organisations stay ahead of their competitors.

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Find out more

Here are a few ways data science teams help within FAANG companies: Optimise and improve customer engagement and relationship building through AI bots and predictive analytics.

They make business data management easier, safer and more seamless.

  • They build more precise and accurate data modelling techniques for better quality business insights.
  • They help with accurate detection of business or customer fraud.
  • They construct a nearly impenetrable cybersecurity system throughout the organisation.

How can learning about data science and analytics help you get into a FAANG company?

Data science analytics and management is usually a business priority for data science companies, and FAANG, and you can expect multi-million-dollar budgets for data science teams. These companies are always on the lookout for qualified and capable data science professionals who can deliver on their expectations.

 A data science degree will help you gain the skills, expertise and experience to secure a high-paying role in one of these renowned companies.

What sort of data science and business analytics career options exist in FAANG companies?

Although the tech industry is inundated with data science career options, quite a few of them don’t fit the archetypes of huge organisations like FAANG. Instead, these companies usually have their own classifications and categories of data science roles.

Currently, you can see these types of data science roles in FAANG companies.

  • AI researchers: Other variant roles include AI scientists and applied scientists.
  • Product scientists: Similar positions include product analysts and statisticians.
  • Machine learning engineers: Similar positions include machine learning specialists and software engineers.
  • Analytics engineers: Similar positions include business intelligence engineers and data engineers.

What are the top data science tools that are used by data scientists in these companies?

Understanding customer behaviour and leveraging these insights is paramount for FAANG companies that utilise state-of-the-art data science tools. These tools help them maintain their market dominance.

Therefore, it is important for aspiring data scientists to at least be aware of these tools, or better still be proficient in them, to be able to secure a job at a FAANG company.

Here is a short list of some of the top data science tools that you need to know to become a data scientist at a FAANG company:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Tableau
  • RapidMiner
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Apache Spark
  • BigML
  • OpenCV

How can GISMA help you learn about industry-relevant data analytics tools?

Most of these data science tools can be fairly technical and can be difficult to master without an appropriate data science background.

Hence, the first step towards a data science career at a FAANG company might require you to enrol in a suitable data science programme and learn programming languages for data science.

If you are looking for these courses, GISMA has you covered with two industry-relevant data science programmes at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Enquire now

Enquire now

GISMA’s BSc and MSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business programmes have passed the rigorous standards of the Accreditation Council Foundation and will teach you everything you need to know to become a data science pro.

GISMA is one of the select few reputed German business schools that offer English-taught classes and an international student environment. You can also benefit from corporate partnerships with leading MNCs and helpful placement assistance.

Click  here to enrol in the BSc Data Science programme at GISMA.

Click  here to enrol in the MSc Data Science programme at GISMA.


Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How can I land a top-paying data science role at a FAANG company?

FAANG companies offer great data science roles at every academic level, from internships to full-time positions. Enrolling in a good data science programme from a reputed university like GISMA can train you for the complexities of a data science career.

Question 2: Is a bachelor’s degree in data science enough to secure a job at a FAANG company?

In all probability, no. FAANG companies usually have excellent budgets and, therefore, can afford to hire data science experts at a good salary. A bachelor’s degree in data science might not be enough to provide you with the kind of industry expertise that these companies expect from their data scientists.

Question 3: Can a data science programme at GISMA help me progress to leadership roles in data science?

Yes! With relevant leadership modules like project management and digital transformation, the MSc Data science programme at GISMA can train you for data leadership roles in FAANG companies.

Question 4: What sort of industry advantage would I receive if I enrol in one of GISMA’s data science programmes?

Apart from access to a specially designed industry-relevant curriculum, GISMA offers great placement assistance through its Career Centre. You can also get an opportunity to study or do your business project abroad.



 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari.

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