Setting goals is the secret to success

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Making goals may seem like an obvious step, after all, most of us possess some (even vague) idea of what we’d like to achieve in the next decade or so. But be honest, how much time do you actually take to think about your plans, write them down and then come up with a concrete plan to achieve them?

Each of these steps is important.

Remember to set realistic goals for yourself in a suitable time-frame. And no matter how long success takes to arrive, you must be patient and continue to keep believing in yourself and your dreams; never give up. You should view the long road that leads to your end goal as journey. In fact, making goals will likely prevent you from losing sight of what you want to achieve. Your goals will become your passion and your focus.

You can follow these points to ensure you have established reasonable goals for yourself:

  • Ensure your goals are specific
  • Ensure they can be achieved in a set-time frame. You can differentiate between long-term and short-term goals.

Even a small goal is better than no goal. Goal-setting will give you back control of your life and will steer you in the right direction towards prosperity, happiness and fulfilment.

Many goals set concern improving your career; make one of yours to study at GISMA so you can achieve all your ambitions.

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