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Virtual interviewing has been on the rise since the start of the decade with 60% of hiring managers and recruiters now using video technology to interview candidates. Hone your virtual and online interviewing skills with a list of carefully curated tips from the GISMA Careers Centre.

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Research the company

As you would before attending a face-to-face interview, you should take some time to research the company. Start by looking through their website, particularly focusing on their core values and their mission; consider whether this is a mission you are also passionate about.

Look at their Glassdoor reviews. What do past employees say about working for the company? Do their reviews prompt any questions you might want to ask during the interview?

Practice, practice, practice

Again, as you would before attending a face-to-face interview, you’ll need to practice some questions. Look up some common interview questions and write notes on how you would answer them. If you’ve got a willing family member or friend, ask them to run through some questions with you and to give you feedback on how you answered.

Alternatively, you could use Pramp, an online platform that allows you to connect with a peer and practice your interview beforehand. This is an excellent way to see if you’re fully prepared and to get a feel for what the interview will be like.

Check the software works

Don’t leave checking whether your webcam works or if your microphone can pick up sound to five minutes before the start of the interview. Avoid the embarrassment of rescheduling your interview by testing the software you will be using the day before. If something isn’t working, you’ll have time to fix the problem or ask a tech-savvy friend to work their magic!

Dress and act professionally

It can be tempting to wear something professional on your top half and something more casual on the bottom half, particularly if the interview is early in the morning and you’ve just clambered out of bed.

To avoid embarrassment or feeling frazzled during the interview, get up a good amount of time before the start time, take a shower and dress in a professional outfit.

Create an interview space

Before starting the interview, make sure you have a quiet space available, which is free from distractions, for you to conduct your interview in. Preferably, you should be sitting in front of a plain background with as little noise as possible. If you’re at home, it might be worth informing other people in your house that you have an interview and that you will need them to be quiet during this time.

Be conscious of your body language

Most of your communication is non-verbal. You can be talking about how interested you are in the role or how passionate you are to start a job in the interviewee’s industry, but if your body language doesn’t show it, you’re unlikely to successfully land the role. To ensure you give the best impression of yourself, sit upright in your chair, smile and try to look enthusiastic.

The key to success

Ultimately, success in interviews is about being confident and evidencing your skills to the interviewer. You should enter the interview knowing that you have prepared well and have a good chance of securing the job role or the university place.

Students at GISMA Business School have access to the Career Centre, which helps students hone their skills for all aspects of employment and employability, including virtual interviews. Click here find out more.


– Written by Emma Chadwick

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