GISMA Alumni Hosts a Talk on N26

GISMA Business School offers premier business education in Germany. Since 1999, it has paved the way for many talented students to grow as thought leaders in the tech and business world.

GISMA believes that current students can always learn something from the experiences of its previous students. That’s why GISMA regularly holds sessions with its alumni to talk about their study and employment experiences.

Session with Mafalda Prisco

GISMA recently invited Mafalda Prisco to talk about her journey of finding her current role at N26, a Berlin based digital bank which has recently achieved Unicorn status. The event was an excellent opportunity for students interested in a career in banking and for those who wanted to get detailed insights into the job hunting process.

Originally from Italy, Mafalda graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management at GISMA Berlin, with an MSc Innovation Strategy and Entrepreneurship in 2019.  This particular programme focuses on providing the tools for students to work in dynamic and exciting organisations, or to bring their own business to life.

Over the years, N26 has garnered more than 7 million customers across Europe and the US and employs more than 1,300 people. The bank simplifies people’s banking needs and helps them to manage their finances online in a hassle-free manner. N26 falls under the term Unicorn in business which is used to describe a startup company with a value of over $1 billion.

Mafalda has grown tremendously during her time with N26, where she has been since she graduated from GISMA two years ago. She joined as a customer operations intern and has since progressed to a full-time product manager role.

Mafalda mentioned her career kickstarted with the help of the initiatives run by the GISMA Career Centre.

Gisma - Business School

The role of the GISMA Career Centre

Mafalda fully utilised the GISMA Career Centre’s services by getting her CV reviewed and attending career advice sessions; this helped her to find a role she really wanted. These sessions allowed her to talk to a career coach about her strengths and to get guidance on finding a job.

The Career Centre also offers other specialised services that can help GISMA students fulfil their career goals. These include partnerships with nearby companies to provide work opportunities to students, and industry visits to different companies to understand business culture.

The Career Centre also conducts the GISMA Careers Day which presents numerous opportunities to GISMA students to secure internships, student placements and even full-time roles.

Additionally, it hosts many workshops and team building activities that help students to develop the soft skills required to succeed in the competitive job market. Students learn how to fine-tune their CVs and cover letters and hone their interviewing skills through mock interviews.

Want to study a course that will get you industry-ready? GISMA offers diverse undergraduate, postgraduate and Executive Education courses across many domains including business and technology.

Along with GISMA-awarded programmes, you can also look through GISMA’s partnership programmes which are offered in conjunction with other institutions.

Click here to get a complete rundown of all the programmes available at GISMA’s campuses.

Gisma - Business School

Importance of networking in finding a job

Mafalda also stressed the importance of nurturing professional contacts in finding the right role. She used LinkedIn to grow her professional network and search for jobs on the platform.

Networking is all about forming and nurturing cordial relationships with people in your career sphere. These relationships can serve you well if and when you need professional assistance in the future.

LinkedIn is one of the most prominent professional networking platforms out there. Recruiters across the world use the platform to hire suitable candidates. Therefore, it is essential for imminent or fresh graduates to regularly update their LinkedIn profiles and connect with potential employers.

Students can also use the platform to connect with GISMA alumni and participate in relevant industry discussions.

Importance of internships for widening career prospects

Since Mafalda joined her current firm as an intern herself, she holds internships in high regard. Internships can allow students to apply their classroom learning in a real-life job scenario.

There are also other vital benefits of internships. They can be excellent alternatives to help students gain exposure in their preferred work domains.

Besides these benefits, internships also serve as vital opportunities to grow and nurture professional networks. They can provide the much-needed work experience required for many senior roles.

Tips and tricks for establishing a successful career

Mafalda ended the talk by sharing her belief that she could grow her career by being helpful and positive. She also went above and beyond what was expected of her.

While securing a job often involves luck, good preparation and hard work can help you succeed in your career. Here are some useful tips for a successful career.

  • Be proactive in looking for different job opportunities. Talk to recruiters and your seniors and see if they can connect you with appropriate roles. Take time to polish your CV and regularly update your profiles on recruitment platforms.
  • Be organised in your workspace. Efficient planning and organisation can help you avoid chaos in your work-life and ensure you meet your deadlines. Good organisational skills can even allow you to account for surprises and challenges at your workplace.
  • Be receptive to feedback and critique. Your career will be a never-ending journey of learning new things every day. You can only upskill if you take criticism in your stride and try to work on your failings. Pay attention to the feedback given to you and incorporate it into your performance.

All GISMA Business School students have access to the Career Centre, a team specifically set up to help students reach their professional goals. The team focuses on soft skills required for employment, runs workshops on many topics such as CV writing and interview preparation. The Career Centre at GISMA also builds relationships with companies based in Germany, such as N26, for company presentations, site visits, and recruitment events.


This article was written by Sweha Hazari.


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