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GISMA Business School is dedicated to helping students reach their goals and achieve success through excellent courses and job opportunities. GISMA is constantly striving to produce skilled individuals and align them with their academic and professional goals.

The university recently held its annual ‘Meet the Employers Day’. This was among the many initiatives taken by GISMA to ensure that students find excellent employment possibilities and eventual success in their career.

The virtual ‘Meet the Employers Day’ took place on an online platform Zoom, in light of the pandemic situation. Almost 600 students attended this event, which was organised for both current students and alumni.

This was an excellent opportunity for students and alumni to get an insight into the business world, meet company representatives and apply for suitable jobs. Along with meeting prospective employers, the event provided attendees with a chance to develop their careers by engaging directly with industry experts.

GISMA Business School President, Professor Dr Stefan Stein, started this event by welcoming all the attendees and giving a brief introduction to the day. A number of leading companies took part in the ‘Meet the Employers Day’, including Crealytics, Delivery Hero, PlanA, Grover, Wayfair, SumUp, Uniqlo, Applause and

Each of the firms has made a name for themselves in the market and continue to strive towards success. Crealytics is a marketing agency that offers advertising and marketplace solutions in the retail section while PlanA is a Berlin-based start-up that works towards helping companies reduce their environmental footprint. Grover pioneers new and innovative technological products that are also sustainable and Wayfair is an established e-commerce company selling furniture and home goods.

SumUp is a mobile payment company that has a global reach while Applause conducts tests on software and has notable names like Facebook and Google as customers. is a forward-thinking company that helps other organisations make the best of their processes through A.I.

Among these leading names were Berlin-based unicorn start-up, Delivery Hero, a food delivery business, and the Japanese fashion retail giant Uniqlo. Both the companies have a net worth value of over $1 billion.

All the participating companies delivered presentations on how things run within the organisation. This included the working culture of the company, its history in Germany, the recruitment process and, most importantly for students, the availability of job positions at present and in the future.

A Q&A session followed the 20-minute presentations from each company where students were able to have any of their queries answered. 

All these firms, some of which have global reach, are based in Germany with English as the professional language. This means many international students studying at GISMA are eligible to become part of their workforce.

This is the ideal opportunity for students to progress from academic learning to a bright professional career. GISMA students have embraced this initiative so far and almost 93% of current students said they would love to be a part of such future events.

Many of the attendees who apply for roles at these top affluent organisations will have the advantage of being prioritised by the employers as GISMA students.

Are you keen on making a global career in the field of business? GISMA Business School can prepare you for success in the professional world.

With a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees along with short courses and language programmes, the school provides the specialist knowledge and expertise you need to excel.

The learnings taught through state-of-the-art facilities help students become leaders in the global business community and provides them with key industry skills. Additionally, GISMA has AMBA accreditation and notable learning partners across the globe. Click on the shared link for more!

Gisma - Business School

This article was written by Nandita Kaushal.

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