GISMA holds graduation dinner for Kingston students

Read this news article to find out more about the graduation dinner held for Kingston students by GISMA Business School.

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On Friday 27 August, a graduation dinner was held in Hamburg for GISMA Business School students who studied their MSc in International Business Management awarded by Kingston University.

In attendance was Professor Dr Stefan Stein, President of GISMA Business School, Dr Fotis Papageorgiou, Director of Berlin Campus and Partner Programmes, as well as members of the GISMA registry team in Hamburg.

The February 2020 cohort recently received their final results, most of them graduating with either a merit or distinction. During the event, the students socialised, received their certificates and took commemorative photos. In his welcoming speech, Professor Stein, commended the students’ success and highlighted their resilience, creativity and flexibility to adapt regardless of the challenges of studying almost entirely under pandemic conditions.

Professor Stein recognised the courage students have shown in his speech, remarking: “This has strengthened your character. You can better understand difficult situations and find ways out of them. In this sense, the virus didn't slow you down. You even took advantage of the situation.”

The GISMA President closed his speech by sharing some encouraging words for the graduates, stating: “You are the answer to the challenges of the present and the future. You have fresh ideas to change things for the better. Now it matters. You matter.”

In a celebratory toast, the Class Representative expressed thanks to the GISMA team for aiding them in their journey toward academic success. The evening ended with Dr Fotis encouraging the graduates to keep every lesson to heart and on behalf of GISMA, wished them further success in the days to come.

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14 September, 2021