Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2021

Marketing has always been a central aspect to business because curating a product or service can only be beneficial if it is strategically presented to consumers. As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, it has impacted the way we consume content. Smartphones have become a necessity and, as such, we spend hours swiping through social media and e-commerce websites.

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The power and importance of digital marketing is immense within today’s ever-changing business landscape. It has transformed the way an audience sees a brand and also how a business develops and implements a strategy. Billboards, TV, radio have fast been replaced by digital tools that reach audiences across the world. This form of marketing has become increasingly dominant in the past decade and it will continue to directly impact the changing business scenarios we see today. Read this blog to find out more.

Growth of digital marketing in 2020:

Previously, big entities could afford to have elaborate marketing plans whilst the smaller brands struggled to compete in the same space. Digital marketing for business made the ground an even playing field for all as now you only need a solid and creative strategy to reach out to consumers. 

Throughout recent years, we have seen data analytics gain a strong foothold, becoming the driving point of all business decisions. It gives marketing experts information on consumer behaviour based on their buying patterns, demographics and other preferences. The knowledge is gold for creating targeted marketing campaigns. 

Added to all this is the growing influence of social media which has seen a huge influx of traffic in the last decade. People are turning to digital space to stay connected and check out new brands. They are also using this platform for shopping which is an added plus for businesses. 

Why digital marketing is a hit:

It’s not surprising that digital technology is increasingly being used as a method for marketing, given the inter-lapping role it’s playing across a number of industries. Here are some trends which digital marketers are focusing on at present: 

Video ad engagement: Digital marketing for businesses increasingly focused on video ads and the trend will continue to reign in 2021. We are seeing growing numbers of businesses which are creating creative and innovative video ad strategies to get maximum engagement.  

Interactive content: Again, the changing business scenario requires you not to just to create the content, but connect with the consumer too. Hence, the focus should be on releasing interactive content that is exclusively designed for your target audience. Social media has a great reach and caters to all smartphone users, creating an intimate relationship that is not possible with any other form of marketing. 

Using influencer’s: An increasing number of businesses are now considering influencers a resource for promotional activities. People who follow such influencers make their buying decisions based on ‘word of mouth’ marketing. They are the customer base of a brand who can be attracted by introducing them to the brand product simply through the influencer. 

Digital marketing trends of 2021:

The year 2020 has been the year of digital evolution as every business has adapted new and innovative platforms to promote themselves. A big perk of the internet marketing business is that it is cost-effective and gives an increased ROI. Small business owners can reach out to customers without sacrificing a lot of resources or revenue. Here are some of the top trends of digital marketing in 2021 that you will give businesses a boost:

  • Shoppable post: Smartphone users spend most of their free time on social media and hence many companies allow them to shop directly through their social media app. Instagram is a good example of integrating e-commerce websites to brand accounts. 
  • Stories: This feature used on many social media pages is a big hit among the younger audience. Brands can put images, text, URLs and more into their stories which tend to get instant attention and traffic. 
  • Voice search: The use of voice search in smartphones has made it necessary for a business to re-work on their marketing strategy. As customers rely more on voice-activated speakers for search, voice shopping will peak in the near future.

Digital marketing is already gaining a stronghold on the way business functions and its influence will grow in the years to come. If you are keen to be a part of this dynamic industry then you must look into MSc Digital Marketing at GISMA Business School awarded by The University of Law. The course focuses on generating awareness on digital trends and creating effective strategies for business. Click on the link to know more! 



 – This article is written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole.

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