Why should you invest in an online digital transformation course?

The array of digital transformation projects across different industries is staggering. Businesses are adopting technology at the speed of light for various reasons including convenience, productivity and reduction in human error.

Digital transformation has changed from once being a competitive advantage for companies to an industry norm. Therefore, educating yourself around the concept and understanding its importance can help you establish a successful corporate career.

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Let’s dive into what people mean by digital transformation and why you should pursue an online digital transformation course.

What do you mean by digital transformation?

In simple words, digital transformation is the implementation of the latest digital tools and technologies in companies to more efficient workplaces. Digital transformation can include a wide range of activities including implementing new tools to reduce human error or improving the speed of competitor analysis.

How is digital transformation relevant in 2021?

Digital transformation is now considered essential to business success and is redefining business expenditure in the current market. A recent IDC report suggests that the global expenditure on digital transformation could exceed $2.3 trillion by 2023. 

In an increasingly competitive business world, your digital transformation strategy can bring an edge over your competitors and help you capture new markets. A Harvard Business School study found that companies embracing digital transformation saw a 55% growth in their annual revenue.

Another survey by The Economist and DXC found 68% of senior managers experienced an increase in their profits within three years of digital transformation efforts in their company.

Why should you consider pursuing an MSc in digital transformation?

With the increasing relevance of digital transformation within the business domain, you should be prepared for leading these changes in your company. Pursuing a relevant course in digital transformation can allow you to make more strategic decisions that will enhance business processes.

A digital transformation programme can also introduce you to the latest technological trends like artificial intelligence and demand forecasting. Thus, you can be prepared for implementing them in your company and taking your organisation forward. The course can also help you establish a successful career in digital transformation.

What kind of skills can you gain from the programme?

A relevant course in digital transformation can provide you with the technical toolkit and leadership skills you need to implement change in your organisation. Here are some of the digital transformation skills you can expect to gain from a relevant programme:

  • Digital literacy
  • Knowledge in data processing and digital security
  • Business administration skills
  • Digital marketing skills
  • Data analysis skills
  • Expertise in DevOps

What kind of career prospects can you expect from a digital transformation course?

An MSc in digital transformation can help you learn how to adopt, implement and utilise the latest technologies and digital innovations at your workplace. This makes you a valuable asset for any organisation in the digital age.

There are plenty of lucrative job roles in the digital transformation arena. A simple LinkedIn search shows more than 600 relevant digital transformation jobs in Berlin alone. Additionally, if you graduate from a career-focused university like GISMA Business School, you will receive placement assistance which can help you find your dream job.

Here are the top roles and career paths you can find as a digital transformation expert.

  • Change managers: These professionals are responsible for organising, planning and leading different digital projects in the company. They are frequently involved in organisational changes pertaining to implementation of new technology.
  • CIOs: Chief Information Officers or CIOs take strategic decisions involving digital technology. They can also be involved in suggesting different digital transformation efforts.
  • Digital adoption managers: Digital adoption managers overlook the integration and adoption of digital tools and technologies which can add value to the company.
  • Training managers: Training managers are tasked with training the company employees on the new tools and technologies implemented within the organisation.

Some popular digital transformation career paths include head of digital efforts, digital strategist, digital transformation consultant and chief digital transformation officer. Some other roles include digital transformation director and information systems manager.

If you are in search of the perfect digital transformation programme, you can opt for the MSc Leadership for Digital Transformation awarded by GISMA. The course can teach you how to lead digital transformation efforts in any sector and provide you with relevant leadership and technical skills.

The master’s in digital transformation is perfect for young professionals who want to take on senior leadership roles in the digital world. The course is also appropriate for professionals who are passionate about bringing technological change to their respective organisations.

The programme also offers a unique perspective to innovation management, business administration, data control design and leadership.

Click  here to pursue a digital transformation programme at GISMA today.

Know more about the online programme

Know more about the online programme


 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari.

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