Why should you choose an MSc Data Science programme in 2021?

Did you know that the human race is creating seven megabytes of new data every second for every human being on the planet? In the same way that  the industrial revolution was driven by steam engines, the modern corporate world is driven by business-generated data.

Today, most small and large businesses depend on data analytics to tell them what they are doing right or wrong.

Know more about the data science programme

Know more about the data science programme

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Business data analytics and data science have become indispensable parts of business management and growth strategies.

In this scenario, it can be a wise career move to study MSc Data Science or data management courses which can help you break into this exciting domain. Here are the top benefits of choosing to study a master’s in data science at a reputed university.

  • There is an immense demand for data scientists

According to Glassdoor.com annual ranking for the top IT jobs in the world in 2020, data scientists were at the third position. This indicates the growing demand for capable data scientists and analysts in the IT and business industry.

Another report by LinkedIn predicts that there could be more than 11.5 million jobs in the data science sector by 2026, meaning the sector offers a large number of employment opportunities. Thus, a data science degree can help you tap into this demand and establish a successful career.

  • You can find good diversity in job roles and positions in the industry

Becoming a data scientist is easier said than done. The role requires many specific skill sets and expertise in data science subjects like machine learning. This makes the data science sector less saturated than other IT sectors.

Additionally, with increasing data science applications in different industries, data science roles are getting diversified. With a relevant data science programme, you can choose from various roles like data engineers, business analysts or data architects.

  • The data science field is incredibly versatile

It is a common misconception that a career in data science is only limited to a few sectors. A data science career can be very versatile with an abundance of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications across diverse domains like healthcare and banking.

With a data science degree from a reputed university, you can switch career domains at any point in your professional life and still have access to high-paying jobs.

  • Data scientists are among the most well-paid professionals in the IT industry

Decent pay packages are one of the highest career motivators in any professional field. A career in data science can be financially lucrative since data scientists are some of the most well-paid professionals in the corporate domain.

According to Payscale.com, an average data scientist in Germany makes an annual salary of €55,388. This figure can dramatically increase with more certifications like MSc Data Science and experience.

  • Data science roles are fascinating and exhilarating

Contrary to popular belief, data scientists aren’t pouring over figures and numbers all day. Instead, most data science roles involve automating redundant tasks and intuitive software to generate relevant business insights.

Depending on your qualifications and interests, a career in data science can be very exciting and rarely dull. You can expect immense career satisfaction with a background in data science.

  • The transferable skills from a data science background make you a valuable asset

Many master’s in data science programmes also focus on your soft-skill development and provide you with subject expertise. Thus, a great data science degree can impart transferable skills like communication and time management,which can serve you well in your corporate work-life.

Your expertise in machine learning coupled with a general understanding of business and transferable skills can also make you a more capable entrepreneur. These capabilities will contribute to your personal development and make you a worthy professional.

Thus, investing in an appropriate data science programme can ensure you have many exciting career options throughout your professional life.

If you are looking for appropriate data science programmes, you should check out the MSc Data Science, AI and Digital Business programme offered by the GISMA Business School.

The programme curriculum can help you master the crucial concepts in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics. This can help you generate innovative business solutions to disrupt traditional business models.

The programme also covers general business skills like project and innovation management which can boost your employability.

Click  here to send in your application for this data science programme at GISMA today.


 – This article has been written by Sweha Hazari.

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