Why Germany is the best place to study masters in digital marketing

Germany is known for its engineering sector, academic excellence, booming economy, vibrant culture, rich diversity and more. But did you know that the country also boasts one of the most prolific digital marketing industries in the world?

Deciding to pursue a digital marketing masters abroad can be a big one and merits a lot of deliberation.

Know more about the programme

Know more about the programme

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Here are the top reasons to consider pursuing a digital marketing course in Germany.

  • The booming digital marketing industry

Germany has majorly embraced the concept of digital marketing over the years and has a thriving online marketing industry that befits a developed nation. Akin to the global trend, digital advertising accounted for 32% of all advertising spending in the country in 2018.

A news report published on Ecommercenews.EU stated that one in every eight Euros in the retail industry is spent on e-commerce. The significance of digital marketing in Germany is also demonstrated by the fact that 70% of all German consumers engage in online research before they decide to make a purchase.

Here are some interesting stats that prove that digital marketing in Germany is a thriving industry.

  • Germany is the fifth largest e-commerce market in the world. The total revenue generated in e-commerce in Germany in 2019 was $108.2 billion.
  • The German digital marketing industry is also backed by an increasing number of internet users. There are 92 million broadband users in Germany.
  • Germany holds ninth position for the highest smartphone users in the world. This means that almost every German resident has a smartphone with an internet connection which makes it easier for digital marketers to reach the German audience.

With the size of a digital marketing industry this large, you can expect excellent career prospects of pursuing a masters in digital marketing in Germany.

  • Immense career prospects in the field

Andre Alpar, a renowned German digital marketing expert, tagged Germany as a country of “SEO nerds and nuts.” According to Alpar, the digital marketing industry in the country is flourishing, giving rise to talented SEO professionals and content marketers.

His opinion is backed by ample data. Adobe.com published a report that found that German residents have heavily adopted digital markets. For instance, the report suggests that mobile ad spending in Germany reached more than €3.16 billion in 2017, which is more than the global average.

The increase in the size of the digital marketing industry has significantly enhanced career prospects for digital marketing graduates. Payscale.com data reveal that an average digital marketer can make around €41,703 per year in Germany.

As a digital marketer in Germany, you can also expect a wide range of lucrative job roles. A few promising career options include content strategists, UX designers, email marketing specialists and social media managers.

  • Quality of education found in German colleges and universities

Germany is internationally known for its quality of higher education and the academic standing of its universities and colleges. According to World Education News + Reviews (WENR), German students continue to perform above the OECD average, much better than their contemporaries in other countries.

The high quality of education also attracts many international students to the country who, in turn, add to the local diversity. WENR data suggests that 11.7% of higher education students in Germany hail from other countries. This statistic is really quite impressive when compared to 5.5% in the USA.

The relatively affordable cost of living in major German cities and the availability of financial aid from the DAAD also contribute to the popularity of Germany as a great student destination.

Thus, pursuing a digital marketing programme from a major German city like Berlin can help you gain excellent career prospects in the online marketing industry.


The MSc Digital Marketing course offered at GISMA Business School in Berlin and awarded by The University of Law Business School, can help you get the right start for your career in this field. The course curriculum is specifically designed to provide you with a critical understanding of all digital marketing concepts.

The coursework has many practical subjects that help you link theory with practice and apply your knowledge to real-life situations. Additionally, AWS Educate and Salesforce Trailhead content is integrated into the curriculum, allowing you access to the best industry tools and resources.

The course is ideal for you if you want to enter the digital marketing world and are seeking specialist knowledge in the field. The Career Centre at GISMA can also help you find relevant career opportunities in Berlin or other major cities.

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 – This article has been written by Sweha Hazari.

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