New MSc programmes coming to GISMA’s Berlin campus

Students will be able to gain a range of skills in marketing and entrepreneurship

Gisma - Business School

GISMA is pleased to announce the launch of two new programmes in collaboration with the Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM). Both courses are two-year programmes. They will launch in September 2017 to run alongside the Grenoble MIB.

The programmes are:

Grenoble MSc Marketing Management 

This course aims to help students become excellent marketing professionals, giving them the understanding to ensure 
their products remain competitive and perform well.

It focuses specifically on digital skills, which are becoming more and more important in the modern business world. 
In addition to key concepts of business, it also offers modules on digital analytics, content marketing, and brand management.

75% of alumni from this course were employed two months after graduation* on an average salary of €36k.

Grenoble MSc Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship (MSc ISE)

This programme focuses on the skills needed to build a new company or improve innovation in an existing organisation. The aim is to give students the ability to become creative and efficient managers.

It includes a comprehensive management curriculum and specialised modules on skills such as strategic management, innovation through design, and new venture business planning.

100% of graduates from this course were employed four months after graduation, with 83% working internationally*.

Both programmes will be delivered at GISMA’s growing Berlin campus, making good use of the new location and the opportunities
that it offers for business students. This new collaboration will also strengthen GISMA’s partnership with GEM.

This means that there will be three intakes for the GISMA Berlin campus: January 2017 for the Grenoble MBA and MIB, September 2017 for the MSc courses above, and October 2017 for the Magellan MBA.


*among 2015 graduates who were employed at the time of the survey

18 January, 2017