Mock interview sessions with recruiters at GISMA Berlin campus

GISMA students got a chance to practice their interview skills with experienced recruiters from companies like WAYFAIR, AUTO1 and UNIQLO.

Gisma - Business School

Experienced recruiters from companies like WAYFAIR, AUTO1, and UNIQLO, as well as recruiting expert Sandra Reichert, recently visited our GISMA Berlin campus.

They conducted mock interview sessions with our students, who got the chance to practice their interview skills. Each student had a 30-minute job interview followed by feedback, which was a key element of the session.


The mock interview sessions offered at GISMA Business School by our dedicated Career Development Centre was a huge success. Reflecting on the event, one student said: “This event was really beneficial to understand how to improve myself for my future interviews. The feedback part was the most important for me as in a usual interview you may or may not get the job, but you rarely know what you did right or wrong. It was thus really helpful to better understand what I need to work on.”


Mock interviews resemble real job interviews and give candidates a confidence boost. Students receive practical tips relating to interview questions, answers and techniques. With students receiving valuable feedback and coaching on their performance, mock interviews are one of the best ways to prepare for an actual job interview.

13 December, 2018