How worthwhile would it be to pursue an online masters programme in data science

Exciting, ground-breaking and interesting. These aren’t the usual adjectives you would associate with a number-crunching job.

For most of us, wading through sheets of data and figures might sound dull, but these number crunchers are responsible for the progression of most industries on this planet!


Know more about the online programme

Know more about the online programme

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The data science domain is changing the world in incredible ways and at the forefront of it are data scientists. These professionals help the creation of new technologies in different fields by spotting trends and patterns from different data sets.

If you are curious about a data science career and want to know if a course in the subject is worth your time and money, this is the blog for you! Let’s dive into how a relevant course can help you break into this competitive industry.

How can a master’s in data science help your career prospects?

The data science field is dynamic and constantly brimming with new technologies and innovations. Without a comprehensive course curriculum and capable instructors, it is difficult to be aware of all the data science tools and technologies in use today.

A good masters in data science programme can expand your skill-set and help you stay updated with the latest tools and technologies in the industry. Courses with an internship or co-op placement module can allow you to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life business problems.

Enrolling in a data science master’s programme can also enhance your career profile and showcase your dedication and expertise in the field.

What kind of skills can you expect to gain from the programme?

The above-mentioned benefits aside, a relevant data science programme can provide you with industry-specific skills that can enhance your career prospects. Here are some of the data science skills that you can expect to gain from a master’s programme.

  •   Expertise in programming languages like R and Python
  •   Knowledge of data extraction and transformation
  •   A solid background in data wrangling and exploration
  •   Expertise in advanced machine learning concepts and Big Data processing
  •   Sharp analytical and computational skills
  •   Good written communication skills.

What kind of career opportunities can you expect from a data science course?

With a solid background in data science and analytics, you can be assured of very bright career prospects. In the digital age, data science experts are required in almost every domain to help companies make data-backed decisions.

According to a compensation report released by, the role of a data scientist is one of the most demanding and well-paid jobs in Germany. A senior data scientist can earn anywhere between €70,000 and €100,000 in a year.

Apart from good compensation packages, you can also expect diverse careers with data science. Some of the popular career options in data science include machine learning scientists, applications architects, data architects and enterprise specialists.

However, breaking into these advanced, well-paying roles requires you to have specific industry expertise and exceptional computational skills. Pursuing a strong data science programme from a reputable industry can help you access your dream data science role.

What should you keep in mind while selecting a data science programme?

While there are plenty of data science courses available for students, they cater to different educational and professional requirements. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose the right course without doing any initial research.

The first step to studying masters in data science is to correctly assess your current analytical and data processing skills. Being self-aware of where you are can help you uncover how much progression you need to make to reach a specific professional level.

Secondly, you should be clear about your choice of data science specialisation before you start your search. There are plenty of data science roles, and all of them require specific skills and expertise in different areas.

You should also have a good look at your budget. While the arrival of online data science masters’ programmes have made education in this sector significantly cheaper, some of the programmes are still expensive. You should select a programme which offers affordable tuition fees and full value for your money.

If you are looking for an appropriate data science programme, you should check out the MSc Data Science , AI and Digital Business awarded by GISMA Business School. This programme offers a unique perspective on business and technology and allows you to drive successful data science campaigns for your employer.

Pursuing this programme at GISMA Business School in Potsdam near Berlin would put you in the proximity of global companies like Tesla and many innovative start-ups. This increases your chances of landing an internship with some of the biggest players in the world of data science and machine learning.

Click  here to apply for the data science master’s programme at GISMA today.


 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari and edited by Olly Cox.

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