How GISMA’s International Business Management Master’s degree can benefit you

International Business Management courses are becoming popular across Germany and Europe for a good reason. With the European Union’s (EU) economic policies promoting free trade within and outside of its borders, Germany needs more professionals who can provide better insight into the impact of business interconnectivity.

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If you’re searching for a role with variety, taking an International Business Management programme is ideal for your career ambitions as you’ll gain a global business mindset, which will help you establish a flourishing career anywhere in the world.

Read on to explore how an advanced degree such as the MSc International Business Management at GISMA Business School Hamburg can enhance your career prospects within global trade and business. This course was designed and awarded by Kingston University, based in the UK.

What will the International Business Management programme at GISMA offer you?

The Master of Science in International Business Management by GISMA encompasses all the disciplines required for a global career. The programme curriculum consists of core electives such as International Business Environment and Business Strategy with Simulation.

Students can also pick from six additional electives including Buyer Behaviour, Global Marketing, Design Thinking for Start-ups, and Innovation Management. These electives result in a personalised and enhanced learning experience and will help you develop an international perspective when it comes to business operations such as expansions and product development. As well as offering a comprehensive curriculum, GISMA attracts students from diverse backgrounds, which reflects the modern business environment.

Career opportunities to explore as an International Business Management graduate

There are many benefits of an international business management education, and earning a master’s in this subject can open up numerous opportunities. Below is a list of just some of the many careers with international business management you can pursue after taking this programme.

  • Financial Controller – Financial Controllers are responsible for managing the finances of a company and ensuring that the organisation maintains a positive cash flow. They handle company accounts and investigate transactions, payroll and taxation issues. They also support accountants to ensure that the firm’s financial policies comply with statutory rules and regulations.
  • International Marketing Director – The role of an International Marketing Director is an influential one. Armed with knowledge of global marketing standards and trends, they help increase the company’s shares and position within worldwide markets. This job requires an extensive understanding of competitive product pricing strategies and skills such as critical thinking and impactful decision-making.
  • International Trade and Customs Manager – International Trade and Customs Managers take care of a company’s logistics, ensure customs compliance and monitor international trade issues. They analyse existing global trade flows, handle stakeholder queries for internal and external audits, and ensure that the company’s foreign trade agreements comply with rules and regulations. 
  • International Policy Advisor – These consultants offer solutions to a variety of corporate issues regarding international politics, law, business, national security, economics, and healthcare. They are responsible for conducting research on government matters and suggesting policies to counteract them.
  • International Marketing Manager – International Marketing Managers develop strategies to improve how a company promotes itself. They work alongside product and business development managers, and public relations teams to create effective campaigns that cater to a global audience.

Other than these international business management jobs, you can explore other roles too such as a Media Planner, Digital Marketing Manager, Management Analyst, Public Relations Officer or Financial Trade Officer in any renowned multinational corporation.

A career in these fields can allow you to make an impact in the world through the corporate policies you create. Pursuing the International Business Management course at GISMA will ensure you enter the field with a real-world focus and specialised skills and expertise. Click here to learn more about this programme.

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