GISMA students gain third place at TCS Sustainathon Europe 2022


Both teams made it through to the final 10, but team RobinHood came back to Berlin with a cash prize and trophy for finishing third, and most valuable of all, their sustainable business model will go into the TCS Pace Incubator and be worked to a business-ready level over the next 12 months.

Team RobinHood, made up of four GISMA University of Applied Sciences students, came up with a sustainable business model for a company called Hyperlocal.

Hyperlocal is a B2B2C digital platform connecting consumers, retailers and producers for sustainable products.

Hari Surya Chayanam, member of team RobinHood, said: “I personally feel over the moon. I feel more motivated and excited to get into action and get going.”

Rami Sarhan, who was also part of the team, said: “It is a moment of success, pride and reaping the result of hard effort and dedication. It is the start of a new challenge of moving our idea from just being an idea to being a success story.”

Professor Dr Stefan Stein, GISMA President, who was a panellist and attended the event, said: “During these three days of Sustainathon we were able to watch incredibly committed young people determined to deliver their part of sustainable change our economy and our planet deserve so urgently. It was highly inspirational to see their ideas grow.”

All 22 teams at the event were supported during the event by a team of industry professionals, including GISMA Professors, Professor Dr Peter Konhäusner and Professor Dr Ralf Frank, and Director of Strategic Partnerships at GUS, Bharat Vaswani.

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