GISMA professor attends INKOMETA Days 2022 conference in Berlin

The two-day conference in Berlin featured over 40 speakers from global companies such as Allianz Global, Roche, DHL and E.ON, as well as a number of academics. Participants conducted over 30 lectures and masterclasses, with a focus on internal communications. This was a practitioner-led event, giving all attendees the opportunity to engage and learn at a peer level.

Dr Konhäusner contributed to both days of the event and participated in a debate with Lutz Hirsch, CEO of HIRSCHTEC, a Hamburg-based company building digital workplaces based on various technologies. The debate was on the topic of CDR, A.I and mental health.

On the second day of the event, Dr Konhäusner contributed to a panel discussion with professors and industry leaders on the future of ‘Mixternal’ and customised communications. 

Dr Konhäusner said: “It was a privilege to participate in such an event, to share my own views with esteemed colleagues, and learn from industry experts about the best practice and tools within internal communications. I am eager to see where internal communications is going in the future, and there are definitely exciting times ahead.”

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