GISMA presents programmes at Britanica Park School in Bulgaria

On Friday 25 March, representatives from GISMA University of Applied Sciences presented GISMA programmes and the study experience in Germany to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students at the Britanica Park School in Bulgaria.

The presentation was led by Emil Petkov, Senior Business Development Manager at GISMA, who visited the school and was joined virtually by Professor Konhäusner, Professor of Digital Entrepreneurship at GISMA, who held an interactive presentation titled:

‘Platforms – bright future or a nightmare’.

Gisma - Business School

The event was attended by around 40 students who interacted with the presentation and posed questions to the hosts.

Emil Petkov said: “The atmosphere was great and the interest in the study programmes was high, also taking the interesting questions into consideration.

“The presentation of Professor Konhäusner directly showed how programmes are taught at GISMA – interactive, practice-orientated and up-to-date. I am looking forward to the next visit like this.”

01 April, 2022