GISMA partners with global IT leader TCS

GISMA Business School is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organisation.


This mutually beneficial agreement is a huge milestone for GISMA, which has a primary aim of connecting exceptional academic students with global organisations.

The partnership primarily involves a range of collaborative activities including jointly organised events, conferences, seminars and lectures.

Gisma - Business School

These events will address topics of interest to both GISMA and TCS and share insights, skills, knowledge and networking opportunities.

Both partners mark the launch with a collaboration at TCS Sustainathon Europe, which will be held in February 2022. The Sustainathon provides a platform for students and young professionals to collaborate with private companies, non-profit companies and organisations, government agencies and academic institutions, to solve MIMO (Most Ignored, but Most Obvious) challenges. Issues regarding pharmaceutical waste, microplastics, and the deteriorating environment will all be addressed.

The collaboration additionally sees the exchange of educational materials, publications, and pioneering research as well as a close relationship between GISMA students and TCS employees. This partnership will also comprise of academic support to TCS employees to update their skills at GISMA and enable students to intern with TCS via Pace Internship program. Further strategic collaborations are to be expected, complementing both parties through efforts to drive growth and market visibility.

On Monday 15 November, GISMA Business School President, Professor Dr Stefan Stein, was joined by the TCS Pace Europe team, including Nilesh Patil, Director and Lalit Karwa, Head Consulting Partner, at the school’s brand-new campus in Potsdam. The two guests were given a tour of the flagship campus, followed by a speech delivered by Professor Stein on the need for collaboration between business and education. GISMA and TCS formalised the partnership with signing of collaboration agreement at TCS Pace PortTM Amsterdam later in the week where they were joined by Bhuwan Agrawal, Regional Head Central Europe at TCS. TCS Pace Port is a research centre designed to help customers navigate their growth and transformation journey. The GISMA guests were given a tour of the PACE Port facility In his speech to the audience in Amsterdam, Mr. Agrawal acknowledged the immense possibilities both TCS and GISMA could gain from this partnership.

Commenting on this new partnership, Professor Stein, says: “We are very proud to partner with TCS and develop a trusted relationship. At GISMA, we train the next generation of corporate world leaders with collective knowledge and industry-ready skillsets. This partnership is a significant step forward.”

With offices in 46 countries, TCS partners with some of the world’s largest businesses to provide IT-enabled solutions that simplify and accelerate their digital transformations. Bhuwan Agrawal, Regional Head Central Europe at TCS, says: “We are very happy to partner with an innovative, international educational institution such as GISMA. TCS continues to train its employees, allowing them every opportunity to update their skills and build a meaningful future through innovation, technology and collective knowledge.”

25 November, 2021