GISMA partners with Bennett University

On Monday 31 October, GISMA University of Applied Sciences announced a new collaboration with Bennett University, a renowned Indian institution established by The Times Group.

With five schools and two centres on campus, Bennett University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes in engineering management, law and media. The university has a Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship that includes ‘The Bennett Hatchery’, an on-campus incubator providing physical space for funding, training, mentoring and resources for students starting their projects.

Professor Dr Stefan Stein, President of GISMA, said: “GISMA and Bennett University share a rich culture of entrepreneurship and a skill-orientated approach to learning. Both provide qualitative teaching of emerging technologies making students industry ready in developing sectors.

“The market in India for research right now is incredibly exciting, which is spearheaded by the likes of Bennett University. I know both institutions are looking forward to fostering our multicultural identity and continued desire to teach talented students without borders.”

The partnership between universities is born from the objective to reach academic excellence through sharing, enhancing and enriching collaborative activities that include the exchange of students, academics, staff development projects and materials. India is a developing market for students looking for opportunities to study abroad and a global educational research centre, therefore this partnership will offer many opportunities for students going forward.

Dr Deepak Garg, Dean of International Relations and Corporate Outreach at Bennett University, said: “This partnership between GISMA School of Applied Sciences and Bennett University will provide access to a vibrant academic and research environment for the students. We look forward to a robust collaboration spanning student and faculty exchange programmes, joint research collaborations, short-term academic programmes, and beyond.”

28 November, 2022