GISMA joins forces with Engel & Völkers to improve public transport

On Thursday 20 October, a project kick-off discussion was held at GISMA University of Applied Sciences Potsdam campus.

One of the aims of the event was to create a public transport link via water between the popular suburb of Berlin Wannsee to lake Jungfernsee in Potsdam, where GISMA’s flagship waterside campus is based.

This collaborative project has been initiated by global estate management company Engel & Völkers in cooperation with SRH Berlin, a private university based in Berlin, and GISMA as a local party based in Potsdam.

Gisma - Business School

Twenty SRH Berlin students met fifteen GISMA students at the Potsdam campus, along with an additional 20 students participating online. Willi Weber was present as a representative from Engel & Völkers, along with Dr Ralph Wahnschafft and Amin Aldiab from SRH Berlin. The visit was facilitated by GISMA Professor, Professor Dr Peter Konhäusner, who also leads the project from the side of GISMA.

The objective of this project is to evaluate the future possibility of public transport via water between lakes Wannsee and Jungfernsee. The discussion will include a focus on an increased volume of people requiring access to the Jungfernsee area where the German blue chip company SAP runs one of their global innovation centres. A prototype solar powered boat has been developed, which would be able to transport up to 35 passengers across the water in just ten minutes - a significant reduction of time compared to the existing public transportation routes.

During the discussion, the group was given the opportunity to network with other students, and student groups were established, to deliver on the project goals.

This project is another example of GISMA working at a peer level with other key academic institutions, and establishing key relationships with global corporations, such as Engel & Völkers.

07 November, 2022