GISMA hosts joint research presentation with Engel & Völkers and SRH Berlin

GISMA University of Applied Sciences hosted a joint research presentation with Engel & Völkers and SRH Berlin to present the results of research on commuter e-person ferry traffic, future mobility, and the use of LNG terminal as a bridge to hydrogen. The event aimed to build on a project kick-off session that took place in November 2022, and featured guest speakers from Uber and Deutsche ReGas.

The event started with coffee, tea, and pastries, followed by a warm welcome from Heike Luise Wissinger, Managing Director of Engel & Völkers Commercial Potsdam. Professor Dr Frank Wolter of SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin presented the study on commuter e-person ferry traffic for better accessibility of GISMA’s Potsdam Think Campus, and Martin Kumstel, Manager of Uber Technology Germany, presented ‘Future of Mobility powered by Uber’. Dr Stephan Knabe, Founder of Deutsche ReGas GmbH in Lubmin presented ‘The LNG Terminal Lubmin as a bridge to hydrogen’. The event concluded with an opportunity for exchanging thoughts and networking with drinks.

Approximately 80 people attended the session, including GISMA President, Professor Dr Stefan Stein. The event provided interesting insights, networking, and future collaboration possibilities, and it was a great opportunity for students to witness real applied science. The insights gained from the presentation created a basis for future research that can be scaled in any way.

In the words of Professor Dr Peter Konhäusner, who coordinated the cooperation on the side of GISMA: “It was a great pleasure to see the next milestone in our Water Mobility Research Project being accomplished. For students, it was a great opportunity to see real applied science, and their input was highly appreciated by all project partners.”

GISMA University of Applied Sciences is proud to continue its collaboration with Engel & Völkers and SRH Berlin in pushing innovation in mobility forward.

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