GISMA hosts hackathon with curaya

On Wednesday 15 of March, GISMA University of Applied Science hosted its first Hackathon in 2023 in partnership with curaya, a platform promoting a comprehensive approach to holistic wellbeing.

The event proved to be a resounding success, with seven teams showcasing their expertise in personalisation and data analytics. The teams focused on analysing user behaviour, gathering data, and utilising interrogative logic as well as generative AI to provide relevant offers within the five primary storylines of the curaya brand.

The hackathon aimed to attract and retain users, specifically targeting middle-aged consumers for curaya. The event presented an excellent opportunity for students with interests in data, personalisation, and marketing. Our winning teams displayed exceptional performances, with two teams merging their tasks to create outstanding results.

One winning team presented a detailed dashboard with tools like Tableau or Power BI, providing all pertinent figures in one place. The other team triumphed with their innovative storytelling approach through client profiling, taking the clients on a journey with a fictional character they had created.

The event exhibited the talents and skills of our students in data analytics and marketing. The hackathon provided a great platform for students to learn from one another, exchange ideas, and showcase their abilities. Besides certificates, the winning students were offered internships and project implementation participations.

Professor Dr Peter Konhäusner, Professor and Organiser at GISMA, stated: “The hackathon with curaya was exceptional. Teams on campus and remotely showed great energy, enthusiasm, and creativity – with some remote teams working until 3am their local time. Despite friendly and cooperative competition, the atmosphere was unique. The students' feedback confirms the effectiveness of GISMA’s state-of-the-art teaching methods and their desire for more.”

24 March, 2023