GISMA hosts blockchain workshop for ULaw students

Due to student interest and the success of the Blockchain module taught within the academic programme, Professor Dr Peter Konhäusner, Professor of Digital Entrepreneurship at GISMA, gave a special eight-hour workshop, split into two four-hour sessions, as an introduction to the world of blockchain for almost 70 students.

While the first session dealt with the history and first applications, the second workshop followed up on the industrial applications of the new technologies and provided a glimpse into the future, including NFTs, AI and Robotics.

The sessions ran in a hybrid format with students joining virtually from around the world alongside a group which attended in-person at the Berlin campus.

Gisma - Business School

Professor Dr Konhäusner said: “To see the interest in this novel field of technology is just amazing. The atmosphere in the sessions was great. I think that participating students took the right decision to already tap into this area which will be of importance for their further career in many different aspects.”

Isuru Jayaliya, one of the students in attendance, said: “Thank you so much for making blockchain so much fun, and an interesting field for us!”

This workshop is one of many extracurricular events at GISMA aiming to provide students with a deeper understanding of the commercial, technological and environmental world in which they’ll foster their future careers.

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