GISMA holds weekend of block modules for students

For GISMA students, a key feature of their education is the block module, whereby students have three consecutive days of learning. Within this period of time, the entire face-to-face section of the module is taught. After the block weekend is delivered, students study independently and submit assignments at the end of the quarter, in the same way as with modules taught weekly.

Over the weekend, the students learnt in an environment which simulates real working conditions, with objectives, deadlines and key deliverables. This approach aims to prepare students for the demands of the corporate world both academically and in practice.

During the weekend, GISMA provided lunch for the students which gave them the opportunity to connect, discuss ideas and to progress their academic experience.

Dr Dariya Afanasyeva, Senior Registry Manager at GISMA, said: “Our students really do enjoy these weekend blocks. They are intense, but also an amazing mutual bonding experience; a chance for the students to work together, think together and get to know their tutors incredibly well.”

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