GISMA Business school relaunches as Gisma University of Applied Sciences

On Monday 24 July, GISMA Business School embarked on a significant new chapter. They have proudly rebranded and launched as Gisma University of Applied Sciences.

GISMA Business School have proudly rebranded and launched as Gisma University of Applied Sciences, underlining their unyielding commitment to a broader, comprehensive, and contemporarily tailored educational offering.

The dynamic new identity mirrors Gisma’s forward-thinking values, signalling a bold step towards an enlightened future where its legacy in business studies is augmented by a diverse spectrum of applied sciences.

Professor Dr Stefan Stein, President at Gisma, eloquently conveyed the essence of this transformation, asserting: "This bold rebranding is more than a name change. It's a vibrant declaration of our forward-thinking vision. Gisma University of Applied Sciences represents growth, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to delivering extraordinary, cutting-edge education in a rapidly evolving global landscape. We've evolved into a modern, visionary institution that stands as a beacon of pride for our community."

The rebrand has involved most major digital assets, including the main Gisma website and digital marketing campaigns, along with various support systems, and the physical branding of the Potsdam campus. Gisma expects many great things to emerge out of this transition.

04 August, 2023