Gisma Berlin launches double degree programmes

Did you know you can earn two degrees and experience an international education by studying a double degree programme in Germany?

With so many study options available today, students quite literally have the world at their fingertips!

Gisma University of Applied Sciences students can now gain a double degree at both bachelor’s and master’s levels and experience studying abroad, opening a world of opportunities to further professional and personal growth.

Find out how you can enhance your study experience with Gisma’s newly launched double degree programmes.

What is a double degree in Germany?

It can be difficult to keep up with all the new study options offered at higher education, and even more difficult to differentiate between them. Whether it’s a dual, joint honours or double degree, it is important to understand which one is best for you.

A double degree, are courses that award two degrees from two universities in less time than it would take to study them separately.

A double bachelor degree typically lasts three-and-a-half to four years when you study full-time, compared to three years for a single degree.

What are the advantages of a double degree in Germany?

There are many advantages of a double degree programme to explore which will benefit students both inside and outside of the classroom. Here are the main advantages:

  • Experience studying in a new country and culture

One of the main benefits of a double degree is the opportunity to experience studying and living in a new country. Exploring a new culture places you out of your comfort zone and teaches you about yourself to help you grow both personally and professionally.

  • Two degrees in a cost effective way

The double degree programmes have been developed to be a cost and time-effective way of obtaining two degrees. It is important to remember that a double degree does not mean double the time or double the cost.

  • Double your reach

By doing a double degree from two different universities you have the opportunity to access a powerful combined alumni network from both universities. Connect with professionals across diverse industries and geographical locations, creating valuable career mentors and potential collaborators.

  • Gain an international perspective

As a student, you will be surrounded by students from around the world in the same position as you. This international community provides ample opportunity to network, socialise and understand more about the world. Studying abroad during a double degree programme is also a gateway to travel and see more of the world during your semester breaks.

  • Study more modules

One of the most beneficial aspects of a double degree programme is the opportunity to study more modules than on a single degree. This helps you develop a more comprehensive understanding and skillset in your field to widen your career opportunities.

How to apply for a double degree programme at Gisma

Gisma University of Applied Sciences has launched two double degree programmes in partnership with Kingston University London one at the undergraduate level and one at the postgraduate level. You can apply directly via our Online Application Portal by selecting a Gisma and Kingston University London Degree and following the subsequent application steps, or if you enquire with us first one of our helpful programme consultants can guide you through the process.

Find out more about our double bachelor degree here

Find out more about our double master degree here

What are the differences between a double degree and a regular master’s degree programme?

A double degree is the opportunity to gain two degrees in one study programme. This type of degree gives you two qualifications to show to future employers as well as the international exposure that the experience provides. Whereas a regular master’s degree is traditionally one to two years at a single institution, offering a single postgraduate degree at the end of your studies. This is of course a great option to further your studies and increase your career prospects, however, you do not have the additional academic experience or the two degrees that you would with a double degree master programme.

Why choose a double degree at Gisma?

As mentioned, there are many benefits of choosing to study a double degree programme. That’s why at Gisma University of Applied Sciences, we are providing students with the opportunity to benefit and gain a second degree from the world-renowned academic institution, Kingston University London as well as with us.

At Gisma, we understand the growing desire of our students to pursue an international career. The launch of double degree programmes bridges the gap between Germany and the rest of the world, opening opportunities to explore a career abroad.

Gisma also stands out as the sole institution in Germany to offer double degrees in collaboration with another university. This exclusivity significantly enhances the prestige and distinctiveness of the opportunity, setting it apart as a uniquely advantageous educational choice.

Our teaching excellence is at the forefront of our student’s education, and we continue to develop the leaders of tomorrow who are capable of driving meaningful impact in society. We have worked closely with our partner to create double degree programmes that give our students the knowledge, skills and confidence to kickstart their careers.

If you are considering pursuing a double degree, check out Gisma University of Applied Sciences’ brand-new programmes and take your career global today.

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