Companies with unicorn status in Berlin

A multicultural, ‘happening tourist spot and a renowned city for art— there are many different ways to describe the city of Berlin. Did you know that Berlin is also well known for its start-up culture?

Reason-Why Berlin states that more than 40,000 new business ventures start in the city every year. No other German city has such a sophisticated and well-functioning business infrastructure that can nurture start-ups. Berlin can  truly be considered as the Silicon Valley of Germany.

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The business-friendly laws and the diversity of talent found in the city has helped many Berlin-based start-ups achieve unicorn status. The word unicorn is used to refer to privately owned start-ups that have reached a valuation of more than $1 billion.

Read on if you are interested in experiencing the start-up culture in Berlin and would like to know more about unicorn companies in Berlin.


1. N26

Max and Valentin started N26 in 2013 to revolutionise the banking industry in Europe. N26’s vision is to help customers manage their money from the comfort of their homes.

Since then, this German unicorn has blossomed into a huge company comprising of more than 1,500 people and operations spread across Europe and the United States.

N26 achieved a valuation of $2.7 billion and became a unicorn in 2019. That year, it also overtook Revolut as the most valuable mobile bank in Europe.

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2. Mambu

Mambu is another renowned German start-up in the fin-tech space. Mambu began its journey by bringing world-class banking technology within the reach of microfinance companies and organisations in Berlin in 2011.

Today, Mambu provides a state-of-the-art SaaS banking platform to more than 100 finance companies across 26 countries. Mambu’s customer list includes top tier banks and telcos like OakNorth, Globe Telecom and Orange.

In 2021, Mambu secured €110 million in funding and reached a valuation of €1.7 billion which made it the first German unicorn of 2021. This new funding will help the company solidify its footprint in more than 50 countries.

3. Wefox group

The Wefox group is the fastest growing insurance company in Germany that uses technology to connect insurance providers, distributors and customers. It is also Europe’s first digital insurance carrier which has helped establish its reputation in the global insurance industry.

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Founded in 2015, this unicorn start-up has witnessed impressive growth in just four years. Currently headquartered in Berlin, Wefox achieved unicorn status in 2019.

4. Omio

Omio is a fairly well-known German start-up in the travel space. Established in 2012 as GoEuro, Omio is currently active in more than 15 European countries and employs a little over 300 people.

Omio offers booking and travel comparison services for European travel in 12 languages. The easy-to-use platform covers 207 airports, 10,000 central bus stations and 20,000 train stations in Europe. Omio has also expanded operations to Canada and the USA in 2020.

Omio achieved its unicorn status in 2018. The company has over 27 million monthly users and partnerships with 800 travel partners.



Other names in the unicorn companies of Berlin include Sennder which is a leading digital logistics company, and GetYourGuide which is an online travel agency.

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