Closing Ceremony at GISMA

Gisma - Business School

GISMA Business School bid farewell to 12 students from the International MBA Track. The students from China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA, and Vietnam began their studies in May 2014.

The students were honoured by GISMA Rector Prof. Dr. Maurits van Rooijen and Dr. Frank Witt, Acting Dean of GISMA Business School. A laudation was given by the former Minister for Economics, Labour and Transport and Deputy Prime Minister of the state of Lower Saxony, Jörg Bode.


The ceremony was held in the Leibnizhaus, an architectural impressive landmark building in the historic area of Hannover city. Prof. van Rooijen addressed the audience of faculty members, relatives and friends and emphasized: “Professional success in the society of today requires a very different mind-set than in the last century. Success depends more and more on the ability to think and act globally, to operate comfortably across borders and cultures. The founders of GISMA – leading politicians such as Gerhard Schroeder as well as the leading companies of Lower Saxony, understood this very well when they created GISMA in 1999. GISMA is now part of Global University Systems which itself embodies this new reality, being the first higher education system with a comprehensive global presence, currently stretching from Vancouver to Singapore and of course online. I am confident that the alumni of GISMA have the right mind-set, skills, knowledge and values to achieve that professional success and importantly make a very positive contribution to the emerging new society.”


Class speaker Craig Curtis reminisced on his time at GISMA and in Hannover: “I am proud to be amongst a group of students from places like Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Nigeria, India and China. You will never know how much you have taught me in terms of being a leader and manager, communication skills and learning your culture. And I have made new friends from around the world, with whom I shared interests with and learned new ideas from. We have learned during our GISMA classes lots of hands-on experience through analysis of cases studies and real business scenarios. We were encouraged though the MBA classes to apply the knowledge acquired through other MBA classes. And above all, everyone learned what it is like to work in a team-oriented multicultural environment. We even learned from the GISMA faculty the skills necessary to become tomorrow’s business leaders. The faculty was dedicated to providing us with a positive educational experience.”


Mr. Emadeldin Fawaz, MBA and Alumnus of the MBA Class addressed the students saying: “In the Leadership class you have been taught that the first step in the successful leadership is: Building a shared Identity! The shared identity will unify our vision and mission. It will make us trust each other. It will make our organizations function better and more efficient! So why wouldn’t we take the advantages of GISMA since this shared identity is already there! We all are Gismaniacs after all! Our shared identity is our biggest asset. It will be the foundation of your career from now on. It is why we choose to go for a Full-Time MBA in the first place. I am so proud of being here today. I am so proud of representing GISMA Alumni. I am so proud of you guys. Welcome on board, and I wish you “Fair Winds and Following Seas.”


Faculty, family, friends, guests and GISMA staff celebrated with the students at a champagne reception following the ceremony. GISMA wishes all of them the best as they move progress and in their personal lives and careers.


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