Benefits of being an international student in Germany

Many students who dream of pursuing their education overseas find themselves gravitating towards Germany. Last year, the country climbed up the global rankings to become the 4th most popular study destination. The report which was published by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) makes it clear that the nation has much to offer in terms of education.


Education has always been highly valued in Germany and international students get to enjoy many rare privileges here. Some amazing benefits that you can look forward to are discussed below. 

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Low cost of living 

The cost of living is low in Germany in comparison to many other European countries. Finding affordable apartments is easy and you’ll bump into many fellow students in the process. Well-connected cities via public transport and pocket-friendly restaurants makes budgeting easier. 

Work while studying 

Although the cost of living in Germany is affordable, some expenditures are indispensable when you are abroad. To cover them, students are allowed to work part-time while pursuing a full-time course. EU student can work a total of 20 hours in a week and Non-EU students are allowed to work 120 full (8 hours) 240 half (4 hours) day per year to cover all your additional expenses.

Abundance of courses

The multitude of options in courses that you will find in Germany is absolutely unparalleled. You don’t have to limit yourself in any way; enjoy the freedom of picking a programme that’s designed to suit your career needs. Take a look at the courses offered by GISMA Business School here.

Vibrant culture 

Benefits for international students in Germany are not just limited to studies. You can expect a multicultural community that is open and affable. Each GISMA campus city, Berlin, Hamburg, and Hannover, have their own culture and history that adds to the richness of the place.  Students can also immerse themselves in the various festivals which will make your stay all the more joyful. 

Globally recognised degrees

Academic institutions in Germany offer degrees that are recognised and accepted around the world. Each course has a curriculum which is devised to keep modern trends and developments in mind. World-class facilities and innovative teaching experiences add to the overall value of education which is why a German qualification will add to your credibility when applying to jobs. 

Study in English 

Students concerned about the language barrier can put their concerns to rest as you can study in Germany in English. Education establishments here teach various courses in English and also provide English study materials. Programmes and courses offered at GISMA Business School are taught fully in English.

Explore endless activities

An international student will never run out of interesting activities in Germany. Every city offers its share of leisure facilities like museums, opera houses, monuments, theatres, pubs, clubs and more.  

Job opportunities 

Germany is a hub of multinational brands and is a thriving business centre. It has always been among the leaders in technology and innovation, giving rise to many new developments and offers many opportunities to students, and upon graduation, you’ll be able to make a successful career here. 


If you are looking to study in Germany, but are indecisive about the right course or institution, check out the variety of  programmes offered by GISMA Business School; their skill-relevant courses will help you begin a successful career.


– This article was written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Anisa C.

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