Best running and cycling trails in and around Berlin for students

Combining rich history and thriving innovation, Berlin is a city that caters to all. However, the vast landscapes of greenery and nature on the doorstep for all students in Berlin is often overlooked. With fields, lakes, rivers and canals to explore alongside the iconic streets of Berlin, students can discover a multitude of trail running routes and some of the best cycle routes Berlin has to offer.

As a student, it is important to stay active. Studying in Berlin makes this not only easy but enjoyable as you stumble across the very best that Berlin’s streets and countryside alike have to offer. And the best part? It won’t cost you a euro. All you need is a bicycle or a pair of running shoes and off you go!

Bike-friendly Berlin

One of the best ways to see the world is on two wheels. Luckily for students in Berlin, Germany agrees! Berlin is a very cycle-friendly city and students can take advantage of the many Berlin cycle paths that make the city safe and accessible to all. Everywhere you look, you’ll see cycle paths and trails heading in every direction, giving you ample opportunity to explore and discover hidden gems and natural beauty.

While cycling in Berlin, it is easy to forget you’re in the most populated city in Germany. Boasting green landscapes, picturesque forests and the river Spree which runs through the city, Berlin is a cyclist’s dream and offers up plenty of entertainment during every ride. Unlike some European cities, you don’t have to be an expert to navigate the streets of Berlin. With mainly flat terrain, the city is kind to inexperienced cyclists or those just looking for a leisurely cycle ride to explore the city.

It’s also worth noting that you can take your bike on the U-Bahn and train with the correct ticket. So, if you’ve planned an out and back but the second part isn’t as appealing (it never is), just jump on a train!

Top 5 cycling routes in Berlin

Now we have established that Berlin is best explored on a bike, it’s time to source some Lycra and clip those shoes in as we explore the very best cycle routes Berlin has to offer.

  1. Havel Cycle Trail
  2. Grunewald Forest
  3. Tegeler See loop, Reinickendorf
  4. Tempelhofer Feld
  5. Berlin Wall Trail

Running in Berlin

For those who are more comfortable on foot, we have you covered. Berlin being a very walkable city is good news for runners and just like cycling paths, there are many trail running routes to explore in and around Berlin.

There is a very strong running community in Berlin, built upon a sense of community and mutual respect for the sport of running. There are running trails throughout Berlin, from beginner through to expert trail running routes that challenge the very best runners. For experienced runners, Berlin offers flat road routes, perfect for PB-chasers, as well as hilly trail runs, offering elevation and rugged terrain if you venture just outside of the capital.

For all runners though, Berlin can be explored comfortably on foot and is the best way to discover neighbourhoods, pick out food and drink spots as well as take some stunning photographs.

There is a reason why the Berlin Marathon is one of the world’s most popular races among runners of all abilities. It’s flat, fast and fun.

Top 5 trail running routes in Berlin

So, you’ve got yourself a pair of running shoes, maybe two if you take your running seriously, now it’s time to hit the trails. Below are five of our favourite running routes in and around Berlin:

  1. Tiergarten
  2. Grunewald Forest
  3. Potsdam Castle
  4. Landwehr Canal and Gorlitzer Park
  5. Hasenheide parkrun

Why choose to cycle and run as a student in Berlin?

Exercise is one of the most effective tools to reduce stress and anxiety. Pair that with nature and the great outdoors, Berlin is a great place to reset and recharge mentally. Stress levels as a student can be high throughout the year and exercise can be a beneficial method to combat this.

The feelings of accomplishment and joy that come with exercise are also good for your mental health as a student, as well as the social opportunities that cycling and running can offer you as an international student in a new country.

As well as the mental health benefits of running and cycling, there are of course physical benefits to be gained. Every student should aim to be as healthy as possible and taking advantage of the numerous running and cycling trails in and around Berlin is a great way to stay active.

The last lap

Whether you are planning to take advantage of the Berlin cycle paths, the many Berlin running routes or perhaps both, step outside and enjoy the beauty of Berlin. International students in Berlin are fortunate to have history, innovation and nature at their fingertips while studying and can explore all of that on two wheels or by foot from day one.

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