A student’s guide to establishing a successful marketing career

Even if you don’t have a business background, you are likely to be aware of the role of marketing in business success. Marketing is everywhere, from product advertisements on TV to seeing brand logos on your favourite sports player’s jerseys.

A professional life in marketing can be exciting, dynamic and full of career-defining moments.

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Find out more about our programmes

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Choosing a programme like MSc Business Management with a marketing specialism from a reputed business school like GISMA can help you enhance your marketing career further.

How can we define marketing in 2022?

A working definition of marketing today is “the technique of getting potential clients to know about your company products, their USPs and benefits, and influencing them to buy the products.”

Essentially, marketing involves researching your target audience, understanding what attracts them, and finding out how your product can solve their pain points.

It also includes promoting your products and ensuring their sale and distribution to paying customers.

Why is marketing an important business function?

Marketing can help a company improve in countless ways including expanding its market presence. Here are some of the most important impacts created by marketing teams in a company.

  • Marketing can raise awareness about the brand.
  • Marketing can increase traffic to the company website and help them get good quality leads.
  • Good marketing efforts can increase company revenue.
  • Marketing can build consumers’ trust and improve your brand’s reputation.
  • It can help track metrics that are important for sales teams.

What are different types of marketing techniques or approaches?

The marketing discipline today is very specialised and consists of several techniques and approaches with their own advantages. Marketing campaigns usually include many of these strategies weaved together for maximum impact.

Here are some of the most prevalent marketing approaches today.

  • PPC marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Video advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Viral marketing

How can a marketing course help you be successful in any industry?

Since marketing is an important business function of most companies across industries, studying a marketing programme can improve your career prospects across different domains.

Here are the major ways in which a marketing programme can be good for your career.

  • Learning about marketing can help you form the ability to understand and interpret important business insights.
  • You can hone your data analysis and interpretation skills since marketing requires you to understand and deal with customer data.
  • A marketing course can prepare you for a wide range of diverse and well-paid career options.
  • Customer communication is an essential part of marketing. Therefore, a well-designed marketing programme can help you improve your communication and interpersonal skills.
  • You can also improve your critical thinking and business management skills through a marketing programme.

What would you learn in a marketing programme?

Unlike a generic business programme where marketing might be a single module, a programme with a marketing specialism focuses specifically on the subject. It can take you through different marketing disciplines, their importance in current times and the challenges associated with them.

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Through this programme, you can develop a wide range of creative and analytical skills, such as having a keen eye for creative designs or setting up annual marketing budgets.

A large part of marketing involves staying current with industry trends. Therefore, you can also improve your research skills and your understanding of relevant case studies.

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The course can also take you through fundamental marketing topics like market research, public relations, digital marketing and advertising.

What kind of skills can you acquire through a marketing programme?

Skills for marketing today can be divided into two main categories—hard skills and soft skills. Hard marketing skills are technical abilities that are specifically focused on marketing techniques and disciplines. These include copywriting, SEO expertise, data analytics, market research, website development and project management.

On the other hand, soft marketing skills are broader in nature and can be applied to diverse career paths. These include creativity, communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, attention to detail and leadership.

A good marketing programme can help you assimilate most of these qualities if not all. This can boost your career prospects as a qualified marketer.

What are the different career paths for marketing that you can explore with a marketing degree?

If you are wondering, “is marketing a good career,” the answer is yes!

With the rate at which the marketing industry is growing, the diversity and number of marketing jobs across the world can only be expected to increase in the future.

This can be good news for marketing aspirants who want high-paying dynamic jobs within the marketing industry. At present, here are some exciting marketing career paths that might interest you.

  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Email marketing specialist
  • Brand manager
  • Content marketing specialist
  • Product marketing manager
  • Growth marketing consultant
  • Marketing communications specialist

What are the compensation prospects for you as a marketing graduate?

No matter how dynamic or exciting a job description might seem, a role can become lucrative only if it offers appropriate compensation. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that most marketing students are in search of jobs that hit the sweet spot in terms of compensation and exciting job description.

Fortunately, with the huge volume of marketing jobs added every day, there is plenty to excite you in terms of pay. Marketing professionals are quite well-paid in the business domain.

According to Salaryexplorer.com, a marketing graduate with 1-2 years of work experience can earn from €1980 to €7090 per month.

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What are the different types of marketing courses available, and which one should you choose?

Since marketing is immensely popular as a business specialisation, you can find many programmes dedicatedly catering to marketing as a discipline. This is in addition to general business courses, which include modules on marketing.

Depending upon your career aspirations, you can choose a marketing programme with a specialisation of your choice, such as digital marketing.

Here are some common marketing programme formats that you can get to see today.

  • MA in marketing
  • MSc in marketing
  • Diploma in digital marketing
  • BA in advertising and communications

If you are looking for a suitable marketing course, GISMA Business School in Germany is a great option. It offers a reputable MSc Business Management Marketing programme that helps you adapt to all kinds of marketing channels.

The master’s programme with a marketing specialism helps you understand present-day marketing challenges and apply the right marketing strategies. Additionally, the course takes you through the latest trends in digital marketing and marketing management fields.

Click  here to apply for this comprehensive business and marketing programme at GISMA today!


Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Is marketing a good major for me?

Yes! Marketing offers you the creative liberty of designing advertising campaigns for an organisation and boosting its visibility among the public. You can also get instant rewards for your efforts when marketing campaigns bring in paying leads.

Question 2: How much can I earn with a marketing degree in Germany?

You can earn quite a lot as a marketing professional in Germany. According to Payscale.com, an average marketing manager in the country can earn around €44,456 per year.

Question 3: Is Germany a good country for starting a marketing career?

Yes! According to a report by Zenith Media, Germany is the second-biggest European market when it comes to marketing spending. The report estimated that the marketing spending in the country amounted to €24.8 billion in 2019.

Question 4: What is the role of a marketing manager?

A marketing manager is responsible for creating and implementing realistic marketing and advertising campaigns using the resources allotted to them. They work with the teams to determine the relevant target audience, product USPs and campaign messaging.

Question 5: What are the usual admission requirements for a marketing degree in Germany?

The entry requirements for a marketing programme from Germany depend upon the educational level. For instance, the MSc Marketing programme from GISMA has the following entry criteria:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject
  • An English language proficiency score such as IELTS 6.5 and above.



 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari.

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