5 Exciting careers you can secure with MSc in International Business Management

International business courses are gaining popularity among today’s students for a good reason. The global business industry is huge and is continually expanding each day. Therefore, it is imperative to gain expertise in running an international business and understand the kind of problems you may experience.

Let’s dive into the specifics of the programme, such as its benefits and career prospects.

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Enquire about the programmes

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What does a master’s degree in international business management cover?

An advanced degree like the MSc international business management programme teaches you everything you need to know to run or work in a multinational company. The coursework element of the programme prepares you for any senior management role in a global business and can teach you the skills required to launch your own company abroad.

While the course curriculum can change from one programme to another, many core business subjects remain the same. Here are some of the basic business management disciplines you can expect to encounter in an MSc international business management degree.

  •   International economics
  •   Global supply chain management
  •   International marketing
  •   Behavioural competencies in virtual teams
  •   Emotional agility in international business
  •   CEO decision-making and case studies
  •   Innovation management and digital transformation
  •   Project management

Why should you choose an international business management programme?

In the age of globalisation, companies often aim to amplify their presence not only in their home countries but also in foreign markets. Therefore, they need business professionals who can understand the needs of global markets as well as the domestic markets.

A postgraduate degree in international business management can provide you with the relevant professional and cross-cultural proficiency to work with any multinational company. With an international business background, you can lead a diverse workforce and maximise global business opportunities for your company.

How can an international business management course help you with a global career?

While most business management degrees teach you how to run and handle a business, an international business management programme sets you up for a global career.

The content for most international business programmes cover management topics from a global point of view. This helps you develop the ability to see the bigger picture and anticipate problems that can occur in a global scenario.

As well as this, international business programmes often attract foreign students from diverse nationalities. Therefore, pursuing the course can teach you how to respect cultural differences and work with people from different backgrounds.

What kind of career prospects can you expect with an international business degree?

Earning a master’s degree in international business management can open up numerous career avenues and opportunities. Here are a few intriguing corporate career roles that you can opt for with an international business background.

  • Global product manager: Global product managers handle the end-to-end process of launching new products in global markets. This can include their design, manufacturing, promotion and after-sales support.
  • International marketing manager: International marketing managers create marketing strategies for their brands in new countries or international markets. They play a major role in expanding the company’s presence in foreign countries.
  • Global market analyst: Most international market behaviours might seem erratic to the untrained eye but are important to understand if you plan to sell your products abroad. Global market analysts meticulously study the movement of different brands in the international market to assess and predict the kind of response to their own company products.
  • Business development manager: Business development managers focus on bringing in more clients and deals on a global scale. They network with important and potential clients to understand their requirements and offer their products.
  • International logistics manager: Managing product logistics can be quite complicated on a domestic scale, but their complexities rise even further on a global perspective. International logistics managers handle different logistics duties for the different international markets, right from sourcing raw materials locally to ensuring prompt deliveries worldwide.

Other fascinating career options include human resources managers, international economists and international brand managers. You can also choose to become a global finance controller or global policy advisor.

An international business management programme can provide you with a diverse transferable skill set. The course can also help you build an impressive professional network across the globe to further enhance your career prospects.

The GISMA Business School in Potsdam offers an MSc International Business Management programme which can be a great fit for you. The degree is globally recognised and practice-oriented, which can help you establish a successful business management career in Germany or any other foreign country.

The programme curriculum covers a comprehensive range of subjects from international strategic management to global marketing. In addition, the course lets you choose between industry-oriented electives like Big Data or cybersecurity.

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 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari and edited by Olly Cox.

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