€1 million Future Leaders Scholarship fund now available

We’re pleased to announce a new €1 million scholarship fund which is available for GISMA Business School students at our brand new Potsdam campus. With these scholarships, GISMA supports future leaders in realising their career goals in these difficult times.

The current pandemic is causing deep cuts in many areas, which particularly affects the education sector and the economy. In order to give people an educational perspective in difficult times and train future leaders of tomorrow, GISMA Business School has decided to raise a scholarship fund which could reduce the fees for the Master of Business Administration (Global MBA) programme by 50% as part of a “Future Leaders Scholarship”. This will allow a larger number of aspiring pioneers to advance their career with an AMBA accredited MBA. GISMA will spend approximately €1 million on the Future Leaders Scholarship initiative, financed by a fund provided by our parent company Global University Systems. Under the theme “We CARE”, the company and its students support social projects worldwide.

“With the Future Leaders Scholarship, we want to help people pursue their goals even in difficult times. This includes recent graduates from high school or undergraduate programmes as well as professionals who wish to change career paths or expand their knowledge. The world is changing, and we need to train responsible leaders now so that they can face the great challenges of the future,” explains Professor Dr Stefan Stein, President of GISMA Business School.

The 50% scholarship for the Global MBA is available to prospective students who enrol for the by April 30, 2021.

“We hope that this initiative will encourage many people to continue pursuing their dreams despite all adverse circumstances. Within the scope of our possibilities, we want to provide companies with top-educated, talented employees and thus contribute to economic  growth in Germany,” Stefan Stein summarises the university’s social commitment.

€1 million Future Leaders Scholarship fund now available for GISMA Business School students

€1 million Future Leaders Scholarship fund now available for GISMA Business School students

If you’re interested in applying for the Global MBA at GISMA Business School and benefitting from having 50% of your tuition fees funded by GISMA, then please enquire below. One of our Programme Consultants will then get in touch with you to guide you through the application process for the programme and scholarship fund.

Enquire here

Enquire here

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