Why should you choose to study MSc innovation, entrepreneurship and management

The concepts of innovation, management and entrepreneurship are dominating the global business community. According to a recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report, innovation and effective company management were two of the most focus areas for companies across the globe.

These concepts are also important when establishing a start-up in today’s competitive business space.

Know more about our programme

Know more about our programme

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While it is easy to be inspired by the success stories in the media, you should remember that creating a successful business from scratch takes a lot more than patience and the right attitude.

Thus, you need to have an in-depth understanding of innovation, entrepreneurship and management irrespective of whether you are interested in a business or a start-up career. Pursuing a masters in innovation and entrepreneurship can give you the confidence to lead a business to success.

This blog looks into the other benefits of pursuing this degree, along with its career prospects and skills it can impart.

What are the benefits of an MSc in innovation, strategy and management in 2022?

Understanding the basic principles of innovation and management is essential for your career, whether you want to join as a corporate employee or start your own business. An MSc innovation, strategy and management course can help you do that and much more.

Here are the primary benefits of enrolling in a quality MSc innovation, strategy and management in Germany.

  • You will be better equipped to start a business from scratch: Starting a business from the ground up can be a tremendous risk and require specific business knowledge. Pursuing a relevant course in innovation and management can help you learn how to pitch business ideas, avoid common pitfalls and generally be better prepared for handling your own business.
  • You can hone your managerial and business skills: Even if starting your own business isn’t the route you want to pursue, you still need substantial managerial and business skills to build a successful corporate career. Pursuing a course in entrepreneurship and management can help you hone these crucial corporate skills.
  • You will be a better judge of the feasibility of different business ideas: As a senior business leader, your role will require you to assess the validity of different business ideas. A relevant degree in entrepreneurship and innovation can teach you how to understand the demand for a product in the market and craft a successful business idea to capitalise on these trends.
  • You can network with experienced entrepreneurs in the industry: Most entrepreneurship programmes involve a healthy level of teamwork and networking opportunities to help you learn how to function within a team. This way, you can build an expanded professional network and boost your future career prospects.
  • You will be able to implement effective strategies to market your product: Studying different strategies and technology implementation can help you create business ideas that can disrupt the market. This way, you would be an ideal asset for companies who are looking to become market leaders in their fields.

What are you likely to study in a master’s degree in innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship?

A postgraduate degree like an MSc in innovation, strategy and management can give you the confidence to lead any company towards financial success. While the course curriculum’s for such programmes are generally similar, certain modules can be subject to change and renaming.

Here is a list of the most common subjects you can expect to study when you enrol in an innovation, entrepreneurship and management course.

  • Intercultural management
  • International negotiations
  • Leadership and team building
  • Project management principles
  • Managerial economics
  • Digital analytics
  • Personal branding
  • Research methods for managers
  • Introduction to innovation
  • Strategic management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic marketing
  • Marketing technology
  • New venture business planning

What kind of skills can an entrepreneurship and management degree provide you?

Most masters’ degrees in Germany pertaining to innovation and management tend to be comprehensive programmes that can develop a wide range of skill-sets. Here are a few corporate and industry-relevant skills you can hope to develop during this programme.

  • A fair understanding of economics
  • Data analytical skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strategy making skills
  • Accounting expertise
  • Leadership skills
  • Business management skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Effective communication skills

What career prospects can you expect from entrepreneurship and innovation masters in Germany?

The immense career availability and career diversity are perhaps the best professional advantages of pursuing a programme in innovation and management.

  • Co-founder of a start-up
  • Chief executive officer
  • Chief operations officer
  • Customer experience manager
  • Innovation consultant
  • Business development manager
  • Venture capitalist

Other equally fascinating roles include branding director, brand management consultant, business consultant, chief innovation officer, and product manager.

Choosing the right programme in entrepreneurship and innovation can also provide you with many transferable skills which would be useful in changing career domains.

The GISMA Business School in Germany offers a quality MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship programme which will help you reach your goals. This programme is awarded in association with the prestigious Grenoble Ecole de Management, which is a triple-accredited management education institution.

This master’s degree in Germany can give you the clarity and insight you need to build a successful management career in today’s fast-paced business world. It can also help you develop sharp entrepreneurial instincts needed to start your own business.

The course curriculum is specially designed for young business professionals and budding entrepreneurs who want to be able to create innovative business models and strategies. The programme will keep you updated on the latest technology trends in the business world, ensuring your skill set keeps up with the changing times.

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Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Can I find a job in Germany after my graduation in innovation and management?

Yes! Germany is renowned across the world for being a booming economy and a business superpower. Studying the course from the GISMA campus in Berlin also gives you proximity to the numerous businesses and start-ups based out of the cosmopolitan city.

Question 2: Can GISMA provide me with any placement assistance?

Yes. GISMA has a dedicated  Career Centre which can help you fulfil your career goals with a wide variety of specialised professional services. These include resume writing services, one-on-one mentoring sessions with career coaches and the chance to connect with GISMA alumni.

Question 3: Can I switch career domains if I have a degree in management and entrepreneurship?

A degree in entrepreneurship and innovation from GISMA can have many far-reaching career benefits, like the ability to switch career domains. The programme will provide you with multiple transferable skills, which can be equally instrumental in other career sectors as well.

Question 4: Will I get networking opportunities as an MSc innovation and management student at GISMA?

Yes. GISMA is dedicated to developing future business leaders and welcomes leaders and forward thinkers from different industries for guest speaker events. You can get a chance to interact with them as a GISMA student and build a strong professional network.



 – This blog was written by Sweha Hazari.

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