Why pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Management Marketing?

Business has always been a fast-paced field, but recently it has been undergoing advancements at exceptionally high speeds. Different roles and sectors are merging to create an integrated business environment which professionals are expected to have a broad understanding of.

If you are venturing into the vast world of business for the first time or are keen to progress in your current career, pursuing a degree like a BA (Hons) in business management marketing is an ideal first step to take.

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The course is ideal for those aspiring to make it big in the field of marketing whilst gaining expertise in business operations. The two sectors constantly overlap as marketing strategies can only be applied efficiently if you have adequate business knowledge.  

To cut through the competition in today’s competitive job market, you will need an edge and that’s exactly what a degree in business management marketing offers. The key skills you will gain are highly sought after, helping you stand out to employers who seek candidates who can handle multiple responsibilities across a number of domains.

Impact of technology

Germany has always been a leading player in technological innovation, occupying a central role in the wave of digital transformation that Europe has witnessed over the past 30. Almost all companies we see today have adopted a digital stance, making full use of technological tools to reach wider audiences around the world. 

One of the most obvious products of modern technology is the mobile phone which has allowed companies to stay constantly connected with their customers. Businesses can now make full use of targeted advertising via apps through the use of AI and data analytics.

At present, around 86.9% of the German population use apps. As such, this means that their spending habits are hugely impacted by smartphone platforms and apps which make online shopping even more accessible. Companies in Germany have taken notice of this trend and significantly increased their mobile ad spending since 2017. 

Technology is a vast field in which a plethora of marketing techniques can be applied. One company which has seen huge success from taking advantage of the digital arena is online fashion retailer, Zalando. Starting off just over 10 years ago as a small start-up in Berlin, the business actively serves 34 million customers across Europe, making it the continent’s largest fashion retailer. Much of this success is owed to the genius ways in which Zalando used digital marketing to connect with different players in the fashion industry and cater to their needs. According to their website, “As part of our platform strategy, we are tapping into new business areas, in which we, for example, grant third parties access to our logistics network, enable brands to sell their own stock in the fashion store or advise brands on their advertising and marketing.” GISMA Business School and Zalando have had a relationship for many years, resulting in many graduates now working at Zalando in Berlin.

Develop business acumen 

Business skills are at the core of every marketing decision that you make, and you can enhance them by learning business management marketing. The programme will boost your confidence in applying informed solutions to industry challenges as you become equipped with expert knowledge of marketing techniques and key business functions.

As business and marketing are two major fields that lie at the core of every sector, students who study a course in this area automatically become valuable assets for any organisation. That’s because employers today are actively seeking professionals who can develop and then communicate strategies effectively to reach target audiences and boost customer engagement.

While ensuring success for your company, you also take your career to new heights and become more prepared for any new market changes. In a time when upskilling couldn’t more important, business management marketing will make you well suited for multiple job roles. 

Careers with business management marketing 

The scope of careers with business management marketing qualifications are vast and you get to choose if you want to venture into business or marketing. Skills developed during the programme are applicable to a range of roles in different fields, including:

  • Marketing executive: This dynamic job role focuses on overseeing the implementation of marketing strategies. Here, you will be working with the marketing team to create campaigns that are suited to the brand image. 
  • Market research analyst: A market research analyst collects insightful information on market trends, competitor activity and consumer behaviour which is subsequently analysed and used for making marketing and business decisions. 
  • Business consultant: The job of a business consultant requires assessing a company and identifying its areas for improvement. They will then create suitable solutions that can help the organisation reach their objectives more effectively and efficiently.
  • Business development manager: As a business development manager, you have to look for sales leads and increase company clientele. The role also involves developing a good working relationship with stakeholders and new clients. 

You can become equipped for various such job roles by studying BA (Hons) Business Management (Marketing) from the reputed GISMA Business School. The programme comes with two options, full time and full time with a foundation year, and is taught through seminars, workshops and lectures using real-life case studies.

You can now also apply for the 2021 online intake of BA (Hons) Business Management (Marketing) in the month of January and September and become a part of a live learning experience. Provided in partnership with The University of Law, the programme will provide you with the expert knowledge and transferable skills needed to thrive in today’s job market. 

Students learning online will be able to benefit from GISMA’s Virtual Learning Environment, Elite, where they have 24/7 access to an extensive online library with resources from Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Financial Times. Click on the link to book your space!

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Contact us to know more

– This article is written by Nandita Kaushal.

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