What are the benefits of studying a Global MBA in Germany?


Thousands of international students who choose to study abroad each year are influenced by a range of deciding factors.

Many move abroad to progress their careers, some look to increase their remuneration and others may simply want a better way of life.

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Among the top international locations for students around the world, Germany has always ranked highly, serving as a significant hub for creativity, education and innovation.

Universities in Germany place an importance on degrees that guarantee a high rate of employment and a low cost of living. Its rich history and vibrant culture makes it an exciting place to live with students from all around the world moving to Germany each year to pursue their education.

What is a Global MBA and is it beneficial?

One of the most prominent programmes in the world is the Master of Business Administration degree. Renowned for its curriculum, it blends in-depth academic learning with beneficial real-world experience.

Candidates who hold an MBA from a reputable university are eligible for a variety of employment prospects. For example, the corporate ladder can be climbed more easily while the starting wage is likely to be greater with the aid of MBA courses.  

Businesses all over the globe are brainstorming around expanding their brands abroad, as globalisation is taking centre stage and a foundation in global business management can help.

You can broaden your ability beyond a specific geography with the help of a Global MBA and study how multinational corporations work and innovate further with the aid of the program. Additionally, it might broaden your perspectives and give you a more worldly perspective.

Your understanding of business and management is improved, and the variety of topics helps to polish up your leadership qualities. Working professionals may also find pursuing a Global MBA a creative and ideal solution to jump start a stagnant career.

If you want to understand more about why an MBA is the right career path for you, click  here.

What are the benefits of pursuing a Global MBA degree?

The following are some of the advantages of earning a Global MBA:

  •   Potential for global networking:

Joining a Global MBA will provide networking chances with a group of global peers.

Students who want to acquire a global MBA degree come from a variety of professional backgrounds and nations meaning that as you learn alongside your peers, you are also building a network for yourself to use for future endeavours.

  •   Study in a Global MBA programme:

An excellent strategy to acquire the important concepts is to enrol in an MBA programme that organises the core global business themes into smaller portions where there will be a range of international-focused disciplines in the course curriculum. Additionally, it will emphasise general management strategies and skills improvement to help you become more familiar with the international business community.

  •   Careers for several Global MBAs:

The Global MBA is made to help learners create a wide option of managerial and business abilities that are applied to various international industries, drastically increasing your job prospects.

  •   Access to lucrative employment:

Often, people move abroad in search of well-paid job opportunities. The time it takes to reach a top position in a MNC can be reduced with a Global MBA, giving you the confidence to work in any industry or nation.

What qualifications must one meet to pursue an MBA in Germany?

The minimum qualifications required to pursue an MBA in Germany vary by each institute. Aspirants should always confirm these requirements directly with the university. Following are some of the basic requirements for studying the GISMA Global MBA programme,

  • You must have earned the German equivalent of a bachelor’s degree to be admitted to the MBA programme in Germany.
  •  A four-year bachelor’s degree in business administration is also an option, as is a three-year degree combined with a one-year master’s degree in the subject. 
  • Working professionals with a minimum 3 years of work experience and letters of recommendation from employers are given special consideration as well. You should contact the university’s office of foreign admission to learn more about them.
  • English proficiency: B2 (IELTS 6.5) or equivalent
  • A personal interview with the GISMA faculty.

Why should you pursue a Global MBA from Germany?

German business schools have the same reputation as those in France and the United Kingdom and are placed highly when compared to other European institutions.

Listed below are some of the benefits you would receive if you choose to follow an MBA in Germany,

  •   Global Recognition:

MBA degrees from Germany are accepted by employers all over the world so you would be certified globally and have a better chance of landing a job anywhere in the world.

  •   World-Class Education:

Some of the greatest universities are concentrated in Germany. The education system is well-equipped with distinctive teaching techniques and the knowledge to provide pupils with a top-notch education.

Additionally, the educational atmosphere offered by German institutions is perfect for helping students advance their knowledge and professional development.

  •   Post-study Residence Permit:

On a student visa, full-time students are allowed to work up to 120 full days a year, and also permitted to stay in the country for up to 18 months after graduation to look for employment.

  •   Enhance Communication Skills:

In any organisation, but particularly in Germany, having language proficiency and communication skills is considered essential.

Along with the opportunity to practise your German, you will also have the chance to learn about Germany’s rich cultural legacy and visit well-known cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

You can learn more about pursuing the Global MBA by clicking  here.

What is the cost of pursuing a Global MBA degree?

MBA universities in Germany are renowned for providing an affordable, top-notch education and even foreign students can obtain an undergraduate degree as all of its public universities are free. It does not, however, apply to MBA degrees, although tuition is still far less expensive than many other equivalent schools in other countries.

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The average cost of earning an MBA degree is around €40,000 per year, making it more affordable than programmes in London and Paris.

The AMBA-Accredited Global MBA programme awarded by GISMA Business School is offered at a very attractive cost of €18,000.

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A single room in Berlin typically costs around €400 per month to rent, making it the cheapest capital city in Western Europe. The cost of internet and phone services, as well as transportation expenses, however, which are not covered by your tuition, must also be paid for and health insurance is a requirement for students.

Additionally, you can qualify for numerous scholarships provided by colleges and find low tuition costs where you can acquire your Global MBA degree.

What kind of career prospects can you expect after an MBA in Germany?

Numerous work prospects can be unlocked by earning an MBA in Germany, but you will need to plan your career path carefully. Enjoy the benefits of the German lessons that most MBA schools provide, especially if you intend to hunt for job opportunities after an MBA in Germany.

If you do not speak German, it will be difficult for you to obtain employment in Germany after receiving your degree.

After receiving a job offer, you are qualified for a long-term visa and a Blue Card, which provides you the freedom to work anywhere in the European Union. Once you have earned your MBA, you will have a wide range of possibilities, with Germany being a well-liked option.

Some of the most popular career paths for Global MBA graduates are Manager of Finance, Operations, Projects and Brands, Porsche Executive MIS, Manager of Human Resources and Business.

Many renowned automotive industries also offer positions in Germany after an MBA such as BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes. Similarly, there are several MBA employments available in Germany thanks to well-known companies like Siemens, Merck and Bosch.

You can leverage your strategy and innovative talents to make your organisation relevant by enrolling in a Global MBA programme. The course material spans a variety of business disciplines, giving you a well-rounded education for your future career.

GISMA offers globally renowned MBA programmes if you are interested in pursuing a Global MBA in Germany. You can boost your professional career in disciplines like strategy, finance, marketing and operations by developing crucial leadership competencies as well as soft skills.

One of the few reputable German business schools with English-taught courses and an international student population is GISMA, where you can expect to generate business relationships with top MNCs alongside extensive placement support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Is Germany good for an MBA?

Germany provides a wide variety of MBA courses. Foreign students make up a sizable share of the German MBA degrees, which has become increasingly competitive and in demand. Germany is therefore among the finest places to study an MBA.

  •   What can I do with a Global MBA?

A German MBA could be the key to your success if you wish to specialise in business as they are becoming increasingly competitive and in demand. By enhancing your leadership abilities and soft skills, you can advance your professional career in fields like strategy, finance, marketing and operations.

  •   How much does it cost for an MBA in Germany?

Depending on the programme and university, the price of an MBA at a private university in Germany varies. The average cost of an MBA in Germany can be as much as €40,000. The AMBA-Accredited Global MBA programme awarded by GISMA Business School is offered at a very attractive cost of €18,000.

  •   What are the benefits of Global MBA?

A multinational curriculum, high-quality instruction, and a variety of advantages in developing and issuing skill sets for advancing careers are all benefits of pursuing a Global MBA.



 – This article was written by Sushree Saloni Rath and edited by Julien Cozens.

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