UNIQLO meets up with GISMA students at our Berlin campus

GISMA students had the opportunity to get an insight about UNIQLO and its unique business model at our Berlin campus where the event was organised by GISMA's dedicated Career Development Centre.

Gisma - Business School

UNIQLO recently undertook a company presentation at our Berlin campus whereby the event was organised by GISMA’s dedicated Career Development Centre, providing students insights about UNIQLO and its unique business model, which spans product design, manufacturing, distribution and retail.

UNIQLO is a modern Japanese clothing company and has now more than 1950 stores and operations worldwide, including in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK and the USA.


The highlight of the event was a Q&A session where our students could directly talk to the recruiter from UNIQLO. Company presentations are extremely valued by our students and GISMA regularly invites representatives from leading companies to inspiring start-ups to present their businesses. During these events, students learn about organisational values, strategies and recruitment possibilities; they also have the opportunity to network with company representatives for employment purposes.


“We provide a wide range of group and individual services to our students in the areas of professional and personal development. The main goal behind all our careers activities is to maximise students’ chances of getting a job in Germany after graduation”, highlights Dr. Elisabeth Grindel-Denby, Director Academic Affairs and Head of Campus Berlin.

14 December, 2018