Top 5 reasons to invest in a master’s degree in corporate financial management

Being financially stable and profitable are often the primary goals of a business organisation.

Senior managers regularly have to make crucial decisions regarding the financial condition of their company to help the business move forward.

Enquire about our corporate financial management programme

Enquire about our corporate financial management programme

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These business decisions often impact the future of the company and therefore must be taken with a lot of deliberation. Corporate financial managers help in evaluating the impact of these financial decisions and suggest policies that can ensure the financial health of the company.

Before you make the decision to pursue a master’s in corporate financial management, you can use this blog to learn more about the subject. This blog will also help you understand the importance of corporate financial management and the benefits of considering a career in this discipline.

What is corporate financial management?

Corporate financial management involves handling the capital structure of a business organisation. This can include the actions taken to increase the value of the company or save it from financial wreck or bankruptcy.

Corporate financial management activities can be divided into the following three categories:

  • Capital investments where the finance teams decide upon the best projects to invest in.
  • Capital financing which is important for optimising the capital structure of the company.
  • Dividends and capital return where the senior management decides the best strategies to return the capital to the company investors.

Why is corporate financial management important in 2021?

Effective corporate financial management is considered crucial for businesses to grow and prosper. Financial management practices ensure the completion of many business operations and a healthy financial status for the company.

Here are the most important functions of a robust corporate financial management system in a company:

  • It helps the company acquire profitable assets and funds.
  • It helps the organisation utilise the allocated financial resources effectively and make critical financial decisions.
  • It helps in increasing the market value of the company as well as its financial status.
  • It is monumental in maintaining financial stability within the company.
  • It helps in meeting the revenue and financial goals set by the executive management for the organisation.

What are the benefits of choosing a career in corporate financial management?

Corporate financial management is an exciting field and offers numerous career benefits. Here are the top advantages of becoming a corporate finance professional:

  • A fast-paced career: Some of the high-profile financial management disciplines like corporate banking or investment banking are very fast-paced. These domains require you to think on your feet and respond to unique and unexpected challenges within stringent deadlines. Thus, you might never have to experience a dull or boring day at work.
  • Lucrative compensation packages: Corporate financial managers are some of the best-paid professionals within the financial world. The salaries in this sector are quite handsome and can help you become financially independent. reports that finance managers in the country can earn a minimum salary of €62429 per year.
  • Plenty of career progression opportunities: Corporate finance is one of the few fields where you can advance in your career on the basis of your merit. Therefore, you can expect to find multiple career advancement opportunities as long as you keep updating your industry knowledge and skills.
  • A chance to establish a successful corporate career: A background in corporate financial management puts you right in the centre of the corporate domain. If you are fascinated by boardroom meetings and a fast-paced corporate lifestyle, a degree in financial management can help you achieve your professional goals.
  • Availability of diverse career profiles: Another major advantage of a career in corporate financial management is the diversity of job roles in this domain. You can choose from varied career paths that suit your tastes and sensibilities.

How can an MSc corporate financial management degree help you?

With so many financial regulations and standards in place domestically and internationally, finance management is quite complicated for businesses. Therefore, there is a constant need for efficient corporate financial management policies that can help companies simplify their financial systems.

An MSc corporate financial management degree can help you understand the intricacies of financial management in a mid-sized or large organisation. You can also learn about the potential challenges you might face in maintaining the financial health of your company and how to solve them.

What kind of career prospects can you expect as a corporate financial management graduate?

Financial management in the corporate domain is one of the most diverse professional sectors with varied job profiles and career opportunities. A master’s degree in corporate financial management can open up plenty of career opportunities that can cater to your interests and career aspirations.

Here are some of the most common finance career options open to you after you graduate:

  • Asset manager
  • Portfolio manager
  • Financial researcher
  • Taxation consultant
  • Mergers and acquisitions specialist
  • Investment banker
  • Risk management specialist

Other interesting job roles include credit analyst, corporate financial planner, investment strategist or personal wealth manager. You can also opt for roles like financial policymaker, financial auditor or senior tax manager.

A postgraduate degree in corporate financial management provides you with many transferable skills like business acumen and bookkeeping that let you explore other professional domains. You can choose to establish a career in insurance management, banking or even accountancy.

If you are looking for appropriate courses in this subject, your search can end with the MSc Corporate Financial Management programme from GISMA Business School. This course introduces you to different aspects of handling corporate finance, such as financial reporting and mergers and acquisitions.

The programme is awarded by The University of Law in the UK and allows you to learn both online and offline. Along with a comprehensive curriculum, you also get access to plenty of other resources like case studies, online white papers and learning videos.

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 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari.

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