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Technologies and customer demands change faster than at any time in the past.

While business plans are often seen as great execution documents in sufficiently stable environments, entrepreneurs favor experimentation processes over planning to deal with today’s complexity. However, many corporations and financial investors still require fairly detailed planning documents to facilitate their decision making. While a business concept – for example as Business Model Canvas – might describe the initial set of assumptions to test validate and experiment your way to a successful startup, it might not be sufficient to receive financial backing and stakeholder support. Today’s organizations develop new innovation skills and tools to improve, transform or disrupt existing models, they also need to adjust their mindset and improve the way they model the financial impact of new ventures.


This program is designed to equip innovators with the context, knowledge and tools to deal with the increased complexity in today’s fast paced innovative markets and the financial impact of strategic business model scenarios. This short programme will run from the 14th to 15th of November.


Klaus G. Kammermeier is an independent trainer, mentor and lecturer on innovation and digital transformation for organizations, teams, and leaders. He teaches international master students at TU Berlin and is the founder of Cyoneer GmbH, who advises businesses, organizations and institutions to design their future. At InnovationLabs.Berlin, Klaus is pioneering a unique eco-system to build sustainable new ventures. For more than 15 years, Klaus led – in technical and commercial leadership positions for Corning Inc. – multi-functional high-performance teams in the US, Europe and Asia, to provide cost effective internet access to millions of people.


Klaus studied Engineering, Economics and Management at Munich University of Applied Sciences, completed ‚Global Leadership 2020‘ at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA and executive education at Columbia University Business School, New York City, USA.


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Target Participants:


  • Founders and Start-uppers in pre-founding stage or early phase of establishing their business.
  • Owners or business leaders of SMEs (small and medium size businesses), who want to access new markets or develop new business models.
  • Leaders and experts in enterprises developing, managing, or leading innovation investment projects.

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