MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Study Trips

Gisma - Business School
Gisma - Business School

The purpose of the study trip was to visit the campus of the partner university, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM). During this trip, all 19 students met their fellow ISE counterparts, toured the campus and also visited several local companies.

The seven-day trip provided ample opportunities for the two sets of students to interact with each other and hone their networking skills. The trip also featured several interesting career enhancement sessions on entrepreneurship and new business innovations. Our students were also able to interact with Grenoble alumni, who gave them a lot of new perspectives.

The whole trip was organised by GEM’s international programme director, Lisa Jane Perraud, and the international programme coordinator, Caroline Fortunato. The entire experience was quite fruitful for GISMA stduents as they interacted with representatives from local companies as well as got to know the partner university from up close.

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