GISMA Think goes hybrid

Gisma - Business School

On Tuesday 26th October, GISMA Business School continued their thought leadership series. However, the event was hosted in a hybrid format for the first time. GISMA University of Applied Sciences, which now has over 220 active students in its inaugural year, has been hosting GISMA Think events since June this year, with a common theme of sustainability.

GISMA President, Prof. Dr. Stefan Stein opened the event, before handing over to GISMA’s Professor for Organisational Transformation  Dr Ralf Frank, who was the speaker for the event. Prof Ralf presented the topic ‘CSR or ESG reports – is corporate sustainability disclosure worth the effort?’.

The session was face-to-face at GISMA’s brand new flagship campus in Potsdam and streamed live for remote students from around the world. The event attracted over 80 attendees, who were keen to hear from one of their professors, who, with his sustainability expertise, is represented in significant national and international standard setting bodies.

Dr Frank explained to the audience how sustainability has become one of the biggest trends in consumption and economics. He went on to justify how extreme skepticism is called for when consumers or investors are asked what information they use when making economic decisions. Decision-makers usually use only a part of the information, mostly the information that is salient, familiar, or that is commonly used. 

The GISMA Think event reported on three experiments with professional investors, observing how they deal with CSR data, often with gloomy outcomes. As always, the event was well received by students, and the GISMA Team is looking forward to hosting the next installment of GISMA Think.

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