GISMA professor holds presentation at AKWI 2022

On Saturday 10 to Monday 12 September, Professor Dr Peter Konhäusner, Professor of Digital Entrepreneurship at GISMA University of Applied Sciences, held a presentation at AKWI 2022 after being invited to the event as a guest speaker.

The conference was attended by around 75 participants and was co-hosted by two public universities: HTW University of Applied Sciences and HWR Berlin School of Economics and Law. The event was sponsored by PwC, one of the world’s largest professional services networks.

AKWI 2022 was a great opportunity to combine practice and science, allowing Professor Konhäusner to collaborate and share ideas with participants from different professional and academic fields, from all over Germany. Over the three days, there were 30 presentations in total.

One of the focus topics of the event was paid social, its application and best practice for marketers. In a joint paper Professor Konhäusner submitted for the event with Maria Margarita Cabrera Frias, a Senior Performance Marketing Manager, the authors explored which paid advertisement formats perform best on social media for different types of conversion options. Both authors then held a public discussion aiming to answer the question posed.

Professor Konhäusner commented that key personal learning for him at the event was the ability to look ahead at how hyper-automation will be prevalent within the organisation’s operations in the future, and how gamification of learning will revolutionise the classroom experience, citing the multiplayer hit game, Among Us, as an idol for gamified learning developments.

Conference proceedings, including the paper published by Professor Dr Peter Konhäusner, can be viewed here.

16 September, 2022