GISMA joins AMBA roundtable on the future of hybrid teaching

The main question discussed at the roundtable was: ‘Do digital learning platforms deliver the reach and brand growth opportunities for business schools to become truly borderless?’ The conversation was built around the backdrop of the changes that have taken place in the academic world as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, where the temporary solution of online learning has proven itself as a staple aspect of the future of education and, in many places, has become the ‘new normal’. The two-hour long formal discussion provided fruitful insights and new perspectives on how remote and hybrid teaching are being managed.

AMBA & BGA are leading authorities on management education and committed to raising the profile and quality standards of business education internationally for the benefit of business schools, students, alumni, employers, and sponsors. The roundtable discussion was an insightful conversation, with both GISMA and the AMBA & BGA committed to the same vision of enhancing global education and shaping leadership excellence.  

Professor Dr Peter Konhaeusner said: “At GISMA we are on the edge regarding the hyflex approach, technical features in the lecture rooms as well as the innovative spirit. I feel honoured that AMBA asked us to join this roundtable – the outreach of the articles stemming from this event will be global. I am looking forward to the next joint ventures with this prestigious organisation, where GISMA can contribute in a significant way.”  

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