GISMA Business School students visit Bundestag

Gisma - Business School
Gisma - Business School

The students were joined by faculty and staff, including Professor Dr Stefan Stein, GISMA Business School President.

After being welcomed to the building, the students took part in a workshop led by Abraham Knut, former diplomat of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration. He focused on current topics in world politics and geopolitical issues and gave impressive insights into the daily operations of the parliament. The workshop was followed by a highly engaging Q&A session with the students.

Hari Chayanam, GISMA Student Ambassador, said: “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that had been provided to us by GISMA, by visiting one of the prominent powerhouses of the world, ‘Bundestag’, the German parliament.

“I am personally enthralled by the experience, especially when the socio-economic crisis, alongside geopolitical policies, has been addressed by one of the senior leaders of Germany. This will go a very long way in my personal life!”

The students were given a tour of the Bundestag along with the President, while being informed about the functions and history of the building.

To make the most of this memorable occasion the students ended the day in a local beer garden. Here, students had the opportunity to relax after a busy and informative day.

Gisma - Business School
Gisma - Business School

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